Monday, August 31, 2009

Susi Air serve Jakarta-Pangandaran route


The airline company Susi Air, officially to serve the public passenger flight from Jakarta to Pangandaran and Bandung to Pangandaran in Ciamis regency, West Java. President and CEO of Susi Air, Susi Pudjiastuti, in the inauguration of prime Susi Air flight in Pangandaran, Saturday (29/8), said that her airline services as an effort to support public by air transportation facilities. Operation of the aircraft Susi Air is the initiative by Susi Pudjiastutti as a native of Pangandaran area, as well as the aircraft owners and capital. She hopes to help increase the variety of potential areas of Pangandaran and surrounding areas better.

"The aircraft will facilitate and accelerate to travel from Jakarta to Pangandaran which only takes an hour," she said. The operational of Susi Air is the answer to people's expectations of Pangandaran and aslo the local and foreign tourists who want to use air transportation from Jakarta and Bandung to Pangandaran. She considered Pangandaran area has enough potential to attract tourism to enjoy by local and foreign tourists so that the existence of Susi Air aircraft have easy means of transport by plane. "Many are expecting a special flight to Pangandaran, aslo from Pangandaran to Bandung and Jakarta," she said.

Susi Air use the Cessna Grand Caravan aircraft type - a new type in Indonesia - with a capacity of 12 people, including the pilot. Operation since June 2009, Susi Air has recruited two foreign pilots who are well trained and experienced. The aircraft is operated only one unit with two times every day and departure from Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport, Jakarta, to Husein Sastranegara, Bandung, and the Nusa  Wiru Airport in Pangandaran.

Flight schedules Jakarta, Bandung to Pangandaran at 10:10, stopped in Bandung at around 10:40 and arrive in Pangandaran at about 11:40, the second flight departure from Jakarta to Pangandaran 16:20, and arrived in Pangandaran at 17:20. From Pangandaran, flight leaves at 06.00, arrived in Jakarta at about 07.00. The second fligh departure from Pangandaran at 11:50, stopped in Bandung at around 12:20 and arrive in Jakarta at about 13:30. The tickets price from Jakarta to Pangandaran IDR 600,000, Jakarta to Bandung IDR 300,000, and Pangandaran to Bandung IDR 350,000 per passenger.

Susi Air flights also serve Cilacap to Jakarta with a ticket price of IDR 675,000 per  passenger. For time being ticket reservations can only be done while at the airport, but the plan could be done by ordering online. "Yes to the future we will serve the best including the ease of booking online in a way," said Susi

Friday, August 28, 2009

IATA: Cargo drop slowed but yield still down

The year long decline in global air cargo slowed in July but revenue and freight rates remain under intense pressure, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) said. Cargo volumes fell 11.3 per cent last month from July 2008, compared with a 16.5 per cent year-on-year decline in June and a 19.3 per cent average for the first seven months of the year, it said.

Despite this improvement the July load factor, or capacity utilisation, fell to 47.6 per cent from 49 percent in July 2008. "The stabilisation of air freight demand in the first quarter and its improvement in the second quarter has helped reduce the rate at which excess capacity has been growing," IATA said. But "downward pressure on freight rates and revenues continued to intensify in July. Demand may look better, but the bottom line has not improved," said IATA director general and CEO Giovanni Bisignani.

"We have seen little change to the unprecedented fall in yields and revenues. The months ahead are marked by many uncertainties, including the price of oil. The road to recovery will be both slow and volatile," Bisignani added.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kadin : Indonesia has to stop importing of salt


Indonesia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) urged the government to stop doing the import of salt. As a maritime country, Indonesia has a huge potential to develop the salt industry. "I hope the import of salt has to stop immediately because we have potential to do the production," said M.S Hidayat, Chairmin of Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) through the Feed The World agenda at Hotel Grand Hyatt, Jakarta on Monday (24 August 2009).

According to him, the government should refer to rice imports termination decision and delegating authority to the Bulog (National Logistical Supply Organization) for rice distribution. As result of this decision, Hidayat said,  Indonesia does not need to import rice this time. Moreover, he said, State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) and other private companies believed has capable of producing salt to fullfil the domestic needs if given the convenience by the government. "We are maritime country, why we should import salt," he added.

According to Hidayat, the proposed termination of salt imports would soon be submitted to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono this month. "In order to be included in the 100-day work program and 5 years ahead," he added.

Hidayat said, in the past year, Indonesia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) noted that salt imported by Indonesia reached almost IDR 1 trillion. To stop the import of salt, he said, the government could do in the near future is to raise the import tax. Even so, it turns out that the government does not have specific policies related to salt. Deputy Coordinating Minister for Agriculture and Marine Division Krisnamurthi admitted, currently the government did not have a specific policy for the salt that is less interested of private investors.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

2014 : Garuda Indonesia targetted will have 116 fleet

To serve more extensive flight service, PT Garuda Indonesia have target to increase their fleet. In the upcoming 2014 Garuda Indonesia will have 116 aircraft. It is said by the President Director of PT Garuda Indonesia Emirsyah Satar after attending a coordination meeting with Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs in Jakarta, Monday (24 / 8).

"In 2014 Garuda Indonesia will have 116 aircrafts, we will add it gradually until later 2014," he explained. However, Emirsah reluctant to mention the funds which prepared to realize the purchase of these aircraft. Until now, Garuda Indonesia had 62 aircrafts.

Furthermore, he said, currently the income of all airlines in the world continue to decline between 10-15 percent. However, it is not too much effect on Garuda Indonesia. "Until now the performance of Garuda Indonesia is still fairly good," he said.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Minister of Transportation : do not break the flight tariff

Indonesia Minister of Transportation Jusman Syafii Djamal reminded the national airline for not break the tariff on Lebaran/Idul-Fitr 2009 season. Peak season for travelers should be utilized according to consumer buying power.

The statement was revealed by Minister of Transportation after a number of airlines company have raised the ticket prices ahead of Idul Fitr 1430 Hijriah. A set price has more than 100 percent of normal tariffs. "I appealed the airline, do not follow the high demand by increasing tariffs. But also keep in mind people's buying power," he said after the inauguration of the operation Jusman Dharma Ferry KM IX in Port of Tanjung Perak, Surabaya.

Needs considerable flight at the time before Lebaran, Jusman Djamal also requested that the airline did not break the rate limit set. According to him, the government will continue to monitor the development of the ticket price.

Previously Sriwijaya Air spokesman, Ruth Hanna Simatupang said, airlines raise ticket prices during peak seasons such as Lebaran/Idul Fitr in order to cover the low season. "Sometimes on the low season when we experienced a loss, so that when the peak season raised the ticket prices," said Hanna. However, she said, the increasing of ticket prices still follow existing rules that do not violate the rate limit. At the time before Lebaran/Idul Fitri, airlines raised ticket prices to rise by a variety of different services that are competitive.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Aviastar will serve back Jayapura-Wamena route


The airline company - Aviastar - will serve back the transport flight from Jayapura to Wamena, Jayawijaya District, Papua Province (Indonesia) after was stopped a few weekends, in the absence of fleet aircraft. "Latest by August 2009, the aircraft were currently in Jakarta, will arrive in Jayapura, and will soon serve the flight service ," said Representative of Aviastar Papua, Marcelino, in Jayapura, on Thursday (20 / 8). Plane type is series 200 made in English with a capacity of 10 tons of cargo or goods and 90 seats for aircraft passengers.

"If only for the passengers could accomodate 90 seats with assuming the weight per person is 80 kilograms. But if bringing the goods and for aviation security, only accomodate 75 seats," as explained by Marcelino. A result of new regulations that only permit flight plane in their flight may only carry passengers or cargo, can not be a combination of both, then Aviastar make the flight strategy. Marcelino explains, the strategy is to make the plane as a cargo plane if flight from Jayapura to Wamena. Meanwhile, on the contrary, the flight from Wamena to Jayapura, the plane will only carry passengers.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

European economy improved, lifted Indonesia export performance

Indonesia government delighted to welcome the reports of economic growth that some European countries shown a positive start on the second quarter of 2009. If this trend continues, the government is optimistic able to push up export performance next year. "Due to global growth starting to rise," said Head of the Department of Finance Fiscal Policy, Anggito Abimanyu.

The Indonesia government, Anggito said, will continue to monitor the global economic phenomenon. Federal Officer of Market Committee said that the crisis of the worst has passed. Second quarter economic performance of some countries in 2009 also began to show positive growth, such as Germany, France, and Japan. "This is a positive signal that is expected to continue in the next quarter," said Anggito.

Moreover, he reminds, the consensus at this time estimate the global economic recovery began to occur in the third quarter of this year (2009). According to him, other than the impact on exports, improving the world economy is expected to be pumping investment flow to developing countries. Anggito acknowledge that the U.S. deficit which reached 10 billion dollars is still threatening capital flow reversal. "But it compensated by European growth which positive," he said.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Indonesia economic growth above 5 percent

Indonesia Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati said the Indonesia economic growth in 2010 could be above 5 percent of the 2010 Proposed Budget macro assumptions. At the discussion in the House of Representatives (DPR) a range of economic growth in the level of 5 per cent - 6 per cent. In the House of Representatives plenary session Friday (13 / 8) the four faction explicitly ask for the assumption of economic growth in 2010 is in the level of 5,5-6 percent. "Growth more than 5 percent is not something that is not possible. But we will continue to see all the factors that supported," said Menkeu after Independence Anniversary Commemoration Ceremony to Republic Indonesia-64 at the Ministry of Finance office in Jakarta, Monday (17/08 ).

Sri Mulyani explained, in discussion with the previous parliament, a range of Indonesia economic growth assumptions is 5-6 percent. So her side will see from the discussion and development of the later. Until semester I 2009, the economy condition is not bad as that imagine. "In the semester II, we will be careful even of the economic growth in the investment sector we have to keep watching is good,"s she said.

Of the same opinion with Sri Mulyani, Head of Fiscal Policy Anggito Abimanyu recognize Indonesia economic growth in 2010 is potentially over 5 percent. For the third quarter is estimated at the 2009 global economic recovery will occur so that support economic growth, particularly in Indonesia in 2010. "It might be above 5 per cent. All that may be true if the resources can be. Later we see whether the third-quarter 2009 was a global economic recovery, even Germany and France also signed in the positive zone II growth in the quarter," said Anggito. He said that, if the economic recovery trend continues then this may not be economic growth to reach 6 percent in 2010.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Export value of coffee is decline


Export value of coffee is believed to be on the decline this year as exporters began to reduce the volume of commodity exports to a number of countries. "Although the foreign market demand of Indonesia coffee does not go down significantly, we still reduce the volume," said the manager of PT Industri Hilir Perkebunan Nusantara XII (Persero), Setyo Wuryanto, when reviewing the readiness of the coffee house, at Surabaya.

Reduction in the volume of coffee export is aimed so that the needs of the domestic market remain awake. "The effort is one of our company business strategy. During this time, we always focus to overseas markets, now we are trying to optimize the domestic market," Setyo Wuryanto said. About the decline in export value, he predicts, future contribution to export could reach 50 percent. Before focus to the domestic market, export contribution omzet enough to dominate up to 90 percent. "Last year, the export volume of Arabica coffee from our company is 3500 tons and 4000 tons of Robusta coffee," he said.

At that time, the country's main export coffee from Indonesia is to the European region include Germany and the Netherlands. Besides that, the demand for coffee by the national society in Latin America and Asia  Continent are also large.  "Demand for the type of coffee in each country is almost the same. From the total volume of coffee that is sent, they are often booked 50 percent of arabica coffee and 50 percent more Robusta coffee," Setyo Wuryanto said.

Coffee prices related to the end of the year, Setyo estimates, the coffe prices are stable. Currently, the international price of arabica coffee is US$ 4.3/kg and Robusta coffee US$ 2.8/kg. "While in the domestic, the price of Arabica coffee in the stable position IDR. 44,000.00 per kilogram and Robusta coffee IDR. 28,000.00 per kilogram," he said.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Goverment will process of 40 ports license in Batam


Directorate General of Sea Transportation Department of Transportation, ensure the 40 special port or a special terminal that was built and managed by the private sector in Batam, Riau Islands Province, will get the permission in this year.

"Now the permission is in the process, hopefully all permits will be out this year as well," said Secretary of Directorate General of Sea Transportation, Bobby R. Mamahit.

The management of ports is given for three months due to the licensing. If the time limit specified the permit does not take yet, the Department of Transportation will close the port. "The validity time until next October, " said Bobby.

The existence of the port without license was disclosed by the Director General of Sea Transportation, Sunaryo at meetings related to the supervision of the special port or special terminal in Batam, some time ago. This invention is the result of the Directorate General of Sea Transportation in mapping the existence of a special port in Batam. Sunaryo also directly order the entire all port organizer to immediately submit a permit. With assurance, will act firmly if there were parties from his Department cause difficulties the licensing process.

Previously, 40 of 90 ports that most companies built by shipyard industry is operating without permission. While the port is authorized only as many as 30 ports, 20 ports and the rest are still in the process of licensing.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Indonesia airlines company should increase the flight safety

departemen perhubungan

The Indonesia national airline companies starting to anxious and should increase their level of flight safety, due to The Ministry of Transportation will update the safety standard categorization. When the new categorization has been made, the airline company who only have barely enough the safety standards could degradation into the lower categorization.

According to Director of Airworthiness and Aircraft Operation, Yurlis Hasibuan, categorization is done to pursue the target ratio of flight safety. Two years ago the accident ratio is 3.7 than 1 million flights, while this year accident is successful revealed to  2.7 accidents than 1 million flights.  "In five years, we want the accident ratio decrease become a 0.8 than 1 million flights, "said Yurlis in Jakarta on Tuesday (11 / 8).

To achieve these targets, he said, there must be improvement of categorization flight safety. Standard will emphasized on management safety. Companies must fully implement the safety management very well. "Formerly, safety management has been implemented, but does not too focus, because there interference by European Union (EU) to press the number of accidents, so its focus emphasis on the accident, "Yurlis Hasibuan said.

For the new categorization, there will be diversification between big airlines and small airlines. This is because the airlines who has big fleet and large number of flights that typically have more accidents. "But if the ratio is calculated not mean they have more accidents," he said. This month the Ministry of Transportation will gather all airlines companies to ask for consideration on the implementation of new rules categorization. "We will also ask whether they want or not this policy is retroactive. If they objection there would  be a consequence, related to safety," said Yurlis Hasibuan.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Government will held furniture exbitions in the Middle East

Government promises to help exporters of furniture who at this time in the volume of export markets such as to Western Europe and America still languishing, by various exhibitions abroad, such as in the Middle East which is expected to become a new market exporters. This is expressed by Deputy of Marketing and Business Network State of the Ministry of Cooperatives and UKM, Asrin Ikhwan after the award Aqsa Living Furniture Design Competition in the Solo Graha Raya, on Monday (10 / 8).

"Month of November 2008-February 2009 we created a kind of exercise for the promotion of products made by UKM at Dubai Global Expo. We successfully created the seven commitments. One of them create a trading house with Dubai. We also create exhibitions in Eastern Europe and in Hong Kong," said Ikhwan. Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Furniture Regional Surakarta, M David R Wijaya, said some exporters currently look for domestic market instead of export markets. However, unfortunately, there are no definitive data about the needs of furniture in the domestic.

Also faced the reality on the domestic market by penetration of foreign furniture producers which indicated that the use of furniture made in China and Italy by the Indonesians. Besides the positive economic growth also have the big population  become fascination by the importer.

Joko Widodo, the furniture industrialis and also Mayor of Solo, said, the Middle East market is very potential export markets to replace the Western Europe and the United States. However, according to him, it takes the role of the central government's financial injection to help entrepreneurs and encourage financial institutions and banks are willing to assist exporters. "This is done such as Singapore, they were successful because the government supported the exporter. The Middle East market is very good because they have the money. We had tried Eastern European market but was also had influence by the globa crisis because the money from Western Europe," said Jokowi.

Friday, August 7, 2009

More India companies will invest in Indonesia


Five years from now, on 2014, India believes that trade cooperation between India and Indonesia will reach US$ 20 billion. This is an extraordinary leap, considering the investment of two coountries of 5 years ago only US $ 4 billions. "We have a good trade. Achieves US$ 10 billion (this year)," said Rajive Kaul, Chairman of the India Trade Mission delegation, after a meeting with Indonesia Minister of Industry Fahmi Idris in Jakarta, Thursday (6 / 8).

According to the Rajive also a leaders of NICCO Corporation Ltd., up to now India investment to Indonesia  around 2 billion U.S. dollars. The Indian companies are constantly looking for opportunities to invest in Indonesia. "We are assisted by both the government sector to be able to find new investment, ie, the energy sector, information technology, and in the textile sector," he said. Rajive increasingly optimistic in cooperation with Indonesia because of the two countries together have a good business climate. Both have good economic growth and democracy have a conducive condition. "And of course have a good population," said Rajive.

Indonesia population around 230 million while India population as many as 1.1 billion people. For it, India is felt confident held the Made in India Trade Fair on 10 August 2009 in Balai Kartini Jakarta. "We feel confident for tomorrow. We see this as a good flow in the trade and investment and for technology industrialist," said Rajive.

Indian companies that planned to participate is Nicco Corporation Ltd., Confederation of India Industry, ICS Group, Jetline Group of Companies, Kirloskar Electric Company, Consultacy Tata Services, Tata International Ltd., Titan Industries Ltd., WAS Industries Ltd., Futurelinks International Pte ltd. These companies main business are in the field of moving transport equipment, electronic equipment and supplies, software, packaging, construction, jewelry, watches, chemicals, handicrafts, hydropower, infrastructure development, both in the scale of small, medium and large.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Merpati Airlines loss while serve Jakarta-Sampit route

Merpati Nusantara Airlines

The airline company, Merpati Nusantara Airlines claime always loss during serve the the flight route Jakarta-Sampit, Kotawaringin Timur District, Central Kalimantan.

Loss of this company is big enough to reach IDR 800 million per month," said Chairman of the Legislative Commission B, Kotim Supriyadi MT in Sampit. Because of the loss made since Cooperation Operations (KSO) between the Government of Kotawaringin East District (Pemkab) with the management of Merpati Airlines, Kotim Supriyadi said, Merpati only share the minimum profit or revenue to  Kotawaringin East around IDR 668, 7 million.

Losses which experienced by Merpati Nusantara Airline are ever announced by Merpati Airlines management during the evaluation meeting that took place in the city of Surabaya. "Losses due to lack of the number of passengers for Sampit-Jakarta route, every time the flight is done," said Kotim Supriyadi. He also said, on this route Merpati Airlines often use the big aircraft fleet such as  BOEING 737, 200 series.

Conversely, Merpati Airlines even get large benefits enough to serve Sampit-Surabaya route, the benefits reached IDR 2 billion during seven months of the KSO running. "The advantage of Sampit-Surabaya route is considered to be still able to cover the loss of Jakarta-Sampit route,"  Kotim Supriyadi explained.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Indonesia export value in June, increase slightly

indonesia export

Export value of Indonesia in June 2009 reached 9.33 billion U.S. dollars which increase of 1.32 percent than export in May 2009. According to Head of BPS (Indonesia Central Bureau of Statistics), Rusman Heriawan, increasing of exports in June 2009 is due to increased exports of oil and natural gas 27, 81 percent from 1,136 million U.S. dollars into 1452.8 million U.S. dollars.

"Increased oil and gas exports also caused by increasing of crude oil exports of 25, 86 percent to 660, 8 million U.S. dollars," he said at the BPS office, Monday (3 / 8). In addition, Rusman said, the oil export increased by 37.99 percent to 188, 3 million U.S. dollars and export gas increased 27.04 percent to 603, 7 million U.S. dollars. Volume of oil exports in June 2009 to May of crude oil, and gas respectively increased 4.08 percent and 12.55 percent. Conversely, oil production is down 9.44 percent.

While non-oil sector is decreased 42, 85 billion U.S. dollars, or 21 decreased 10 percent. For the industrial sector, during the period January-June 2009 was down 26.90 percent compared to the same period in the year 2008, and so do the agriculture production is declined 10.69 percent. Conversely, the export of mineral and other increased by 15.28 percent. Although in June 2009, Indonesia export indicate increasing, but overall on semester I 2009, the value of Indonesia exports is decreasing. "The decline reaching 50.02 billion U.S. dollars, or 28.94 percent decreased compared to the same period of the previous year. While nonmigas exports have decreased by 21.10 percent, of the 42, 85 billion U.S. dollars," Rusma said.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Indonesia potentially become a global corn exporter.


Indonesia potentially become a global exporter of corn, together with other corn countries other in the world in five years.

"If we reach the production target to forthcoming year 2014, then we can fill the world corn," said Secretary General of the National Corn Council, Maxdeyul Sola in Corn and Soybean Symposium in Jakarta. Symposium that was attended by a number of professional organizations and the field of plantation agriculture is the theme of "feel the word" self-sufficient to a competitive and sustainable and encourage products to be excellent pre-eminent world.

According to Sola, since Indonesia became self-sufficient corn country in 2008 with the production amount of 16.3 million tons, the export opportunities more open  in 2009. Indonesian Corn Board estimate corin production in 2009 reached 17.1 million tons. That means the potential for export could reach 1.1 million tons of corn from the national needs of 16.3 million tons only.

One of the reason improving of corn domestic production, because it is supported with the type of hybrid corn seeds. The distribution corn hybrid type, according to Sola has reached 45% of the total area of corn. Until May 2009 there were already 111 varieties of corn. Corn production in 2014 estimate could reach 32 up to 34 million tons or up approximately 80% of production in 2008. Increasing of the  production is done by using 20% of the area changed in 2008 with hybrid hybrid super time in four years.

If production is reached, the export potential of maize in the year 2014 Sola said, could reach 50% of the needs of maize in the country that is 16.3 million tons. World corn production according to Indonesia Corn Board as 612.5 million tons. United States still control the production reached 256.9 million tons following a China that is 114 million tons. Differences in production of corn-producing country is one of the advantages of production because they have reached 8 tons per hectares. While Indonesia is still very low 3.7 tons per hectares.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

European Cocoa Market Oppotunities


Indonesian cocoa production in the last three years is very minimal absorbed by European market, therefore the Indonesian Cocoa Association (ASKINDO) and the government must push the market opportunities to Europe.

"We will try to increase our exports to European countries because there are a big opportunity while the other exporters country, such as Ivory Coast and Ghana, the cocoa production is decreasing," said General Chairman of the DPP ASKINDO Halim Abdul Razak respond to a decrease in export cocoa to Europe in Jakarta, Thursday ( 30 / 7).

Based on ASKINDO data, the total cocoa exports in 2008 reached 142,400 tons and 40 percent of them marketed to the United States, while the remaining 60 percent more to Asia than Europe market. World consumption of cocoa at this time the average 3.4 million tons per year. According to Halim, lack of production of cocoa that is sent to Europe because South Sulawesi as a largest buffer zone of cocoa production is not giving a contribution export to Europe.

So far, South Sulawesi is contributing almost 80 percent of the national cocoa production. In connection with this, both the government and the cocoa industrialist in this region, must work together to help cocoa farmers increase the production. Meanwhile, the processing of cocoa beans in Indonesia, Halim said, from 16 of cocoa manufacture industry, only five factories that are still be in accordance with the installed capacity.  The five cocoa processing industry is PT General Food Industries with 70,000 tons, PT Bumi Tangerang Mesindotama 25,000 tons, PT Cocoa Ventures Indonesia 12,000 tons, PT Mas Ganda 10,000 tons, and PT Kakao Mas Gemilang with a capacity of 6000 tons.

Halim said, investment opportunities in the processing sector and cocoa plantations in Indonesia is still wide open. "However, obstacles faced in the region, including South Sulawesi, has not supported by the infrastructure, such as the availability of electric power facilities and roads, triggering potential investors are reluctant to invest," he said. Therefore, the government is expected observe and vey soon fixed the constraints to be able to attract the investors.