Friday, February 26, 2010

Two airlines companies are reluctant to shift to Terminal 1C


Two airlines companies which placed in Terminal 1A Soekarno-Hatta International Airport are reluctant to shift to Terminal 1C. They even admitted not knowing the shift instruction flight activity center officially. Lion Air General Director Edward Sirait not know the concept of the transfer. So far, negotiations are still limited to plan an informal conversation. "Officially, we just do not know," he said in Jakarta. Therefore, he considered the proposed transfer of carriers into the new terminal through the revitalization of Rp20 billion it should be designed with a clear order not to cause new problems."If it was offered right concept we are ready to move," he said.

However, he argued, if Lion Air is required to break the flight activity at the two terminals, PT Angkasa Pura II should provide compensation. Because the activity in the two terminals will increase operational costs. "We did not refuse. But if we're in a two-terminal, would increase costs because we have to add new workers. Not to mention the other extra for wearing the two places. So, it seems there must be compensation," Edward Sirait explained.

Public Relations Manager of Batavia Air, Eddy Haryanto said, moving to Terminal 1C is still considered as a discourse for the national carrier. Because the removal of all the airline's previous activities Terminal 1A inhabiting it would require huge funds. "That still discourse because the funds needed is enormous. For the mass transfer of the funds it needs I do not know," he explained.

The two airlines is planned to be shifted to Terminal 1C in March 2010. Transfer of flights transporting activity was carried out because of denseness carry passengers at Terminal 1A."We have negotiated with Batavia Air. We also have to negotiate with Lion Air. They were willing to move to terminal C. I hope the process is completed next month," said Executive General Manager of PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Hariyanto.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Garuda Indonesia launch Boeing 737-800 Next Generation


Garuda Indonesia is launching its new aircraft, namely Boeing 737-800 Next Generation, Sunday (21.2.2010) in Semarang Ahmad Yani Airport. This aircraft serve flights route of Semarang-Jakarta.

General Manager of PT Garuda Indonesia Semarang Branch, Kokoh Ritonga, hoping the 162-capacity aircraft was able to pamper its passengers because of the video screen comes on every desk. With Audio Video on Demand facilities, passengers can choose the option 25 films, 10 TV programs, 35 choices of music albums, and 25 interactive video games.

"The plane was also displayed at the Singapore Airshow some time ago," said Kokoh Ritonga. Garuda Indonesia also claim that they are the only airline in Asia that use this type of aircraft with entertainment facilities.

Kokoh Ritonga said, now this aircraft has only served two of nine the flight schedule Semarang-Jakarta route. Flight schedule at 9:20 and 19:40. According to Kokoh, until 2014, Garuda Indonesia has a target of 90 Boeing 737-800 NG aircraft. "This year, we only have 23 units," said Kokoh.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wings Air starting a new flight Bandung - Yogyakarta


The airline company - Wings Air - will open a new flight route Bandung - Yogyakarta starting February 19, 2010. "Market share Bandung-Yogyakarta flights high enough, Wings Air will serve the route that began Friday (19/2/2010) later," said General Manager of PT Angkasa Pura II Husein Sastranegara Bandung Airport, Mulya Abdi. Short flights route between the two cities will use the ATR 72-500 aircraft with a capacity of 70 passengers. Flights conducted every day round trip (return).

Schedule flights from Husein Sastranegara Airport, the city of Bandung was around 13:00 pm. The presence of the new flight, is to fill flight schedule vacancies on the Airport Husein. "We have vacancies flight for five hours at the airport Hussein, so the Bandung-Yogyakarta flights that will fill it," said Mulya Abdi. Currently Husein Sastranegara Airport serves nine flights of five domestic airlines namely Bandung-Batam, Bandung-Medan, Bandung-Surabaya and four international flights ie Bandung-Kuala Lumpur and Bandung-Singapore.

Airlines company which serving flights from the airport Husein Sastranegara is AirAsia, Merpati Nusantara Airlines and Sriwijaya Air. While Wings Air will be the fourth airline to serve passengers from the airport.

Merpati Airlines also plan to reopen the route Jakarta-Bandung-Semarang. "The potential passengers from Bandung trend continues to increase and potential. So the flight schedule is expected to fill in Bandung and more effective," said Operations Manager of PT Angkasa Pura II Husein Sastranegara Airport, Soetrisno. He said, the potential for international flights from the airport Hussein Satranegara continued to increase. Average passengers approximately 1,500 people per day, with about 80 percent occupancy. The same for domestic flights that had been served by Sriwijaya Air and Merpati Nusantara Airlines.

Meanwhile, the opening of new international routes are also increasingly open too, as the thickening of the plan Bandung Husein Satranegara Airport runway that will be done in March 2010. With the thickening of the runway, allowing aircraft like the Airbus 320 can land at the airport. During this flight route from Jakarta is served by a Boeing 737-200.

The Trade Exhibition Preparation


Creating the good promotion for your products is very important. You have to announce people about the products so they will recognize to buy them. To give the good first impression is what necessary. When you introduce yourself with the nice introduction, you will later feel the positive impact. Many people use the exhibition facility to promote their products. We can see there are several exhibitions held in a year especially the trading exhibitions.

To arrange the good preparation of the trade show exhibits you have to pick and consider several stuffs. The equipments that will help you to display your product must be attractive and can grab the visitors’ attention. You have to choose the right stuffs, for example, the table covers, the table top display, and many others. If you are able to manage this, you will see the different sense in a positive reaction from the visitors. You have to be total in managing the room of your trade exhibition.

You can use the directors chairs to give the unusual accent at your exhibition stands, and many other ideas you may consider. To exhibit your products is another means of advertising. If you are good at advertise the products, there is a big chance to win the overall market.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Flight Frequency to Jeddah 35 times per week


Currently the frequency of flights from Indonesia to Saudi Arabia, especially King Abdul Aziz Airport, Jeddah  already 35 times per week to anticipate the demand of passengers.
"We propose to added the frequency of flight. Before only 21 times per week. As was approved now become 35 times per week to Jeddah," said Director General of Civil Aviation Ministry of Transport Herry Bhakti S Gumay, in Jakarta.
Herry explained, the regulator always facilitate the airline company request who want to fly and add flights to other countries, including international routes to Jeddah.
"Of the total permits, the regulator share the service, among others airline companies. Now Lion Air has allocated five times per week, Garuda Indonesia 11 times and Batavia Air has three times per week," he said.
However, the interest in this international routes are still the three airlines companies Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air and Batavia Air.
Herry also said that other international routes in the Middle East, is currently rampant growth as shown much of the region's airlines are flying to Indonesia.
"If they fly over here, in fact, Indonesian airlines may also fly there. This is the principle of reciprocal," he said.
Some airlines already flying to Indonesia such as Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways and other airlines from Dubai and other cities such as Abu Dhabi.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Riau Airlines Add 30 Aircrafts


The local airlines company, Riau Airlines will add 30 new small types aircraft until 2013 for facing the aviation liberalization policy in the ASEAN region, or a known as open sky policy which will implemented in 2015. "At least until 2013 later Riau Airlines to add a jet type aircraft fleet in anticipation of the ASEAN open sky policy will be implemented soon," said Director of Riau Airlines, Teguh Triyanto.

Teguh Triyanto explained, adding the new aircraft fleet with capacity 30-50 passenger seat as an effort to position Riau Airlines as the feeder airlines to serve the short flight routes. In that position it will be easier for Riau Airlines to synergize with the airline on the ASEAN region and to expand their business to grab the aviation world market especially on the island of Sumatra.

Based on the governor of a coordination meeting of Sumatra region, followed by the 10 provincial governments that took place in Pekanbaru 19-21 December 2009 recommending the establishment of Sumatra Air and Riau Airlines acts as the operator's flight from the program. The recommendation also has produced enough positive results for the Riau Airlines and also Bangka Belitung Provincial Government has expressed commitment to work together to open the flight routes in the archipelago.

"Our main focus is the island of Sumatra, but we also be working like in Java Island or other areas in Indonesia as long as our position as a feeder," Teguh explained.

Teguh also said that, until now Riau Airlines has a number of types of aircraft manufacturing with produced either from Europe or America to support the airline's business plan which owned by Stated-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) that 51 per cent ownership of its shares controlled the Riau provincial government. "There are some names that have been our pocket for a business plan forward, but clearly the position of the feeder we'd like to co-exist with other airlines to facilitate people easier travelling," he said.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Garuda Indonesia earn US$ 300 Million from IPO

The airline company - PT Garuda Indonesia – have a target to earn a ‘fresh funds’ US$ 200 million - US$ 300 million from the implementation of the initial public offering (IPO) in Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI). Garuda Indonesia will appoint their underwriters on the IPO on this recent weeks.

Emirsyah Satar, president director of Garuda Indonesia, said the IPO funds will be used to increase the number of aircraft and expand the network coverage of Garuda Indonesia. "We will soon appoint the underwriters," said Emirsyah in a special interview with Bloomberg in Singapore, Monday (1/2/2010). Garuda Indonesia will become the second airline in Asia to sell its shares in the IPO for their business expansion in line with economic recovery in Asia from a global recession.

Survey of International Air Transport Association (IATA) said that on 2009, Asia took over the position of North America as the largest market for the world aviation industry. "There is optimism in the airline industry and therefore the interests of investors (for entry into the aviation industry) began to return," said Binit Somaia, Southeast Asia Center Director fos Asia Pacific Aviation, an aviation consulting agency based in Sydney. Somaia said, there is currently no sign of the airline industry would booming, but he was convinced the worst was over.

According to Giovanni Bisignani, IATA chief executive officer, the number of passengers using the aircraft in the Asia Pacific region in 2009 reached 647 million passengers, more than the number of passengers in North America reached 638 million. He added that there are approximately 217 million additional passengers who will fly in 2013.

The growth of the airline industry so rapidly which attract investment from the world's billionaires. Example, Wilbur Ross, who founded the budget airline in India and Richard Branson who opened a similar flight in Malaysia. Tiger Airways Holdings Ltd.., a budget airline owned by Singapore Airlines Ltd., last month offered its shares to the public through an IPO to fund their expansion.

This year, Garuda Indonesia would receive delivery of 23 Boeing 737 aircraft from Boeing Co.. Emirsyah also said, in the year 2014 Garuda will buy 90 Boeing 737 aircraft. This company had received an approval from the holders of bonds last month to restructure debt and pave the steps toward an IPO gate. In fact, Garuda plans IPO has been initiated since 1998. Garuda Indonesia target can double the number of its fleet to 103 aircraft in 2013, acquiring the local airline, and fly to several new destinations in Japan, South Korea, and Europe.