Thursday, May 28, 2009

Volume of container exports still decreasing


Volume of container exports through the Port of Tanjung Priok, Jakarta in May 2009 is still  decreasing despite not as big as the first two months of 2009.

"The number of container exports decrease only slightly, almost the same with volume, decreased only slightly during May compared to March. A decrease in export trends have been 'bottom out' (pass the lowest point)," said Minister of Trade (Mendag) Mari Elka Pangestu after inaugurate development programs PT. Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) in Jakarta, Wednesday (27/5/). Mari Pangestu said the export performance this year is estimated more slow compare to last years because the global economic crisis weakened export demand.

Meanwhile, President Director of Pelindo II, Richard J. Lino explained during April-May 2009 export volume of the container through the Tanjung Priok start rising, so decreasing is not as big as the first two months of 2009.
"The export volume start increasing, compared to last year exports during five months decrease only 10-12 percent, while import decrease 30 percent," said Richard. He also
explains during 2008, total export containers through the Tanjung Priok about three million containers. "It looks already improved later in June, January-February down a lot, but the last two months is better," he said.

President Director JICT, Derek Pierson also acknowledge the decline in the volume of container exports during the last five months. "Last year we serve approximately 2 million teu, the volume in May is not normal," said Derek.

For time being there is four container operator in Tanjung Priok. The largest is JICT which serve average 1.9 million per year and control 30 percent of the current container import export in Indonesia or 60 percent of the box straight at Tanjung Priok. Besides JICT, in the Tanjung Priok there also othe contaner operator : KOJA handling 400,000 contaniers per year, Multi Terminal Indonesia handling 200,000 containers per year, and PT Mustika Alam Lestari handling 300,000 container per year.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Garuda Indonesia will close Yogya-Singapura route and open three international routes

Garuda Indonesia

The airline company - Garuda Indonesia - will open a new routes on June 2009. Besides a domestic routes, such as Pangkalpinang-Jakarta, three international routes will also open : Jakarta-Dammam (Saudi Arabia), Jakarta-Sydney, and Jakarta-Melbourne (Australia). "These routes will be open later in early June," said Vice President Corporate Secretary Garuda, Pujobroto, to Persda Network in Jakarta recently.

The opening of international routes is done to anticipate the international business market which has begun to rise again. The international business market in the international route being targetted because at this time for the tourism market is still low. "We aim routes from Jakarta to Sydney because there is still of businessman mobilization from Australia who has events in Jakarta," he said.

For the route to Australia, Garuda Indonesia provide a wide Boeing 747-400 aircraft with frequency of three flights per week.

Meanwhile, for the Jakarta - Dammam route, Garuda Indonesia flight does not operate directly. The Boeing 747-400 aircraft will first fly to Riyadh, then to Dammam. "Business segment is still there. In addition, the TKI (Indonesian workers) market are still a lot," added Pujobroto.

Garuda Indonesia is currently strengthening services to a number of places in Saudi Arabia. Beside compete with foreign airlines, the domestic airlines company - Lion Air - has also started flights to Jeddah and will add fierce competition.

However, Garuda Indonesia also close Yogyakarta-Singapore route. The new route was opened again at the end of 2008 ago have closed with the reason for lack of passengers. Closing this route is done per 15 May. According to Pujobroto, previously the Yogya-Singapore route expected be an alternative to support Indonesia tourism besides Bali. However, it does not push up the number of passengers. "Because the business is not profitable, then we close this route, while waiting for improved conditions," he said.

Hopefully, the world economy, which continues to ferment will more stable. World tourism, he said, will be shining when the economy of a country is stable and continues to improve. "If the economy getting better would significantly push up tourism, and this certainly had an influence on the flight," added Pujobroto.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

DHL invest 50 milllion US Dollar in Incheon Airport


DHL, the express service and logistics in the world, recently open DHL Express Incheon Gateway that apply the latest technology worth around 50 million U.S. Dollars at Incheon International Airport, South Korea. This gateway has 20,000 square meters wide and measuring five times bigger than the DHL Express facility at the airport that was built before.

DHL Express Incheon Gateway will be the consolidation and distribution center from South Korea to Mongolia, China and the southern Far East Russia. In addition, this gateway will further strengthen the inter-continent service and inter--region which connects South Korea with South America and Europe.

Dan Mc Hugh, Chief Executive Officer, DHL Express Asia Pacific, said, Asia will remain a major growth area with high business opportunities in the middle of the current economic conditions. "Between 2004 and 2008, the volume of our international markets in South Korea has increased more than 50 percent. Because we want to maintain our growth momentum, the investment in the form of facilities such as this is a strategic step that put DHL in the right position to facilitate the growth of demand Incheon and the increasing role as a logistics center in Asia, "he said.

Supported by the air inter-continent network and strong area, Incheon International Airport has a steady increase of air cargo volume and estimate  increase of 67 percent in terms of service ability of 2.7 million tons in 2005 to 4.5 million tons in 2010.

Mo Deok Jeong, Vice-President of Incheon International Airport Corporation, said the investment reflects the confidence the company DHL about strategic role in the Incheon area and quality of world-class infrastructure from Incheon Airport. "I am very happy with the decision DHL to invest in the form of facilities such as this," he said.

Through the Incheon gateway high technology which the first in the express industry in South Korea, DHL will increase productivity and strengthen customer service. Equipped with the automatic selection system for the package that includes weight equipment and automated X-ray, this gateway have the capacity to select a maximum of 13,500 packets per hour,  a fivefold increase in the capacity of the facility before. With a series of six camera systems installed on the selection, the size and weight of each shipment to the picture taken and then sent to the Shipment Control Library, while the air waybill record in the system selection.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Singapore export was down again.

Merlion - Singapore

Singapore's main exports down 19.2 per cent during April 2009 compared to the same period of the previous year (2008) which indicates contuining of recovery slowing down as impact of ecnomic recession, according to government data issued on Monday (18 / 5).

According to the data, shipment of electronic products continue to come down sharply from March and Petrochemical products spur a big decline from the pharmaceutical product.

"Total export non-oil domestic (NODX) reached 11.32 billion Singapore dollars (7.7 billion U.S. dollars) during April," said the Institute of Export Development, the International Enterprise Singapore (IE Singapore).

NODX down 17.3 percent over March and 23.8 percent in February. World demand for Asian export products, including goods from Singapore, has been reduced because of the economic crisis forcing consumers to tighten their buying.

IE Singapore said the decline during April related to the contraction in export markets electronic and non-electronic products.

Monday, May 18, 2009

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Garuda Indonesia will serve eastern of Indonesia region.

Garuda Indonesia

The Garuda Indonesia airline will open four new flight routes that serve the domestic flight in eastern Indonesia (KTI).

"New domestic flights will be opened in Ternate, Ambon, Gorontalo, and Palu," said General Manager of Garuda Indonesia in South Sulawesi, Bagus Y Siregar in Makassar, Rabu (13 / 5).

Bagus Siregar said, the flight routes Ternate-Manado-Jakarta planned to be opened in July 2009, and flight routes for the purpose of Ambon Jakarta-Makassar-opened in October 2009. "The flight path of Gorontalo and Palu which will transit in Makassar also will opened this year," he said.

Opening of the new flight route, Siregar said, will be adapted to local conditions such as in Ambon city that still has limited of power supply. "Flight at night will be difficult because of the limited facilities of electricity," he said.

Garuda Indonesia will prepare their own type of aircraft Boeing 737-400 and Boeing 737-500 that will serve the new flight path. Bagus Siregar admit that the demand for flight services in eastern of Indonesia much greater than the demand in the Indonesia western region.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Singapore Airlines obtain the Service Quality Award


Singapore Airlines prove back as the best customer service airline by obtaining the award of the Service Quality Award from Carre Center for Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty (CCSL). Credits earned on the excellent service for our customers is delivered by CCSL on dinner reception at the Hotel Mulia in Jakarta, Thursday (7 May 2009) night.

Service Quality Award had given by CCSL after poll to approximately 1,600 respondents in Jakarta and Surabaya, is associated with quality of service provided by Singapore Airlines to its customers.

"This Service Quality Award will spur us to continue to provide the best service to customers in the middle of the strict competition amongst airline companies and also global economic crisis with affect the business aviation,'' said General Manager of Singapore Airlines Indonesia Nam Lee Seng, after receiving award.

CCSL is a consultant company under the Frontier Consulting Group. This year the CCSL survey of customer satisfaction and after sales service in Indonesia. Surveys involve 18 industry categories, including international flights. Some of 1,600 respondents in Jakarta and Surabaya selected randomly for interview and the information used to compile the ranking of companies in each category.

When Singapore Airlines was established in 1972, this airline only operate 10 aircrafts to 22 cities in 18 countries mostly in Asia. With continued commitment to fleet modernization, product and service innovation and market leadership, the company developed itself into a world-class airlines.

Currently, Singapore Airlines is known internationally as one of the foremost airlines and operates more than 100 modern passenger aircraft. Network airlines, including Singapore Airlines Cargo destinations and Silk Air, covering 102 cities in 41 countries. Singapore Airlines chase history in October 2007 as the first airlines that fly the largest passenger aircraft in the world, the Airbus A380. This reflects the efforts of airlines to be a leader in the civil aviation industry.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

AirAsia launch Bali-Perth flight route


The airline company AirAsia will open the new route from Bali, Indonesia to Perth, Australia and vice versa. Company that launch inaugural flight in January 2002, will launch the first flight of Bali-Perth on July 17, 2009 by Airbus A320 aircraft with capacity 180 passengers.

The President Director of AirAsia Indonesia Darmadi, said the flight to Australia has a great potential. This can be seen from the continued rise of tourists to Bali from Australian. "This is a great opportunity due to Australian tourists deem Bali as the second home," he said.

Currently AirAsia has 6 aircrafts of Airbus A320 and 7 aircrafts of Boeing 737-300, serves 122 flights routes to 12 countries in Asia and some European.  According Darmadi, last years the number of AirAsia passengers reached 2.5 million people. This year, the targeted is 3.5 million passengers. "For Perth-Bali flight we are targetting 70 percent of capacity, so about 120 passengers per day," he said.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Garuda Indonesia will provide additional flight for WOC in Manado

Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia will provide additional flights to meet the increasing demand to Manado, North Sulawesi, in associated with the World Ocean Conference (WOC) which will held on 11-15 May 2009.

"During the conference, Garuda will add Jakarta-Manado flights to four times a week from two times a week," said Senior Manager Garuda Indonesia Station Sukarno-Hatta Airport, Muller Simanjuntak in Jakarta.

"The additional flights to provide the passenger demand to Manado which is quite high," he said. He also added, the booking seat Jakarta-Manado on 9-15 already fullybooked. There are also WOC delegations specifically hire a Garuda plane Jakarta-Manado and Singapore-Manado on 10 May and 15 May. "Special Garuda Indonesia flight from Singapore to Manado is the first time," he said.

According to Muller, Garuda Indonesia will provide Boeing 737-800 and 737-400. The World Ocean Conference will presented around 4,500 participants from various maritime country.