Thursday, May 14, 2009

Garuda Indonesia will serve eastern of Indonesia region.

Garuda Indonesia

The Garuda Indonesia airline will open four new flight routes that serve the domestic flight in eastern Indonesia (KTI).

"New domestic flights will be opened in Ternate, Ambon, Gorontalo, and Palu," said General Manager of Garuda Indonesia in South Sulawesi, Bagus Y Siregar in Makassar, Rabu (13 / 5).

Bagus Siregar said, the flight routes Ternate-Manado-Jakarta planned to be opened in July 2009, and flight routes for the purpose of Ambon Jakarta-Makassar-opened in October 2009. "The flight path of Gorontalo and Palu which will transit in Makassar also will opened this year," he said.

Opening of the new flight route, Siregar said, will be adapted to local conditions such as in Ambon city that still has limited of power supply. "Flight at night will be difficult because of the limited facilities of electricity," he said.

Garuda Indonesia will prepare their own type of aircraft Boeing 737-400 and Boeing 737-500 that will serve the new flight path. Bagus Siregar admit that the demand for flight services in eastern of Indonesia much greater than the demand in the Indonesia western region.