Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Garuda Indonesia will close Yogya-Singapura route and open three international routes

Garuda Indonesia

The airline company - Garuda Indonesia - will open a new routes on June 2009. Besides a domestic routes, such as Pangkalpinang-Jakarta, three international routes will also open : Jakarta-Dammam (Saudi Arabia), Jakarta-Sydney, and Jakarta-Melbourne (Australia). "These routes will be open later in early June," said Vice President Corporate Secretary Garuda, Pujobroto, to Persda Network in Jakarta recently.

The opening of international routes is done to anticipate the international business market which has begun to rise again. The international business market in the international route being targetted because at this time for the tourism market is still low. "We aim routes from Jakarta to Sydney because there is still of businessman mobilization from Australia who has events in Jakarta," he said.

For the route to Australia, Garuda Indonesia provide a wide Boeing 747-400 aircraft with frequency of three flights per week.

Meanwhile, for the Jakarta - Dammam route, Garuda Indonesia flight does not operate directly. The Boeing 747-400 aircraft will first fly to Riyadh, then to Dammam. "Business segment is still there. In addition, the TKI (Indonesian workers) market are still a lot," added Pujobroto.

Garuda Indonesia is currently strengthening services to a number of places in Saudi Arabia. Beside compete with foreign airlines, the domestic airlines company - Lion Air - has also started flights to Jeddah and will add fierce competition.

However, Garuda Indonesia also close Yogyakarta-Singapore route. The new route was opened again at the end of 2008 ago have closed with the reason for lack of passengers. Closing this route is done per 15 May. According to Pujobroto, previously the Yogya-Singapore route expected be an alternative to support Indonesia tourism besides Bali. However, it does not push up the number of passengers. "Because the business is not profitable, then we close this route, while waiting for improved conditions," he said.

Hopefully, the world economy, which continues to ferment will more stable. World tourism, he said, will be shining when the economy of a country is stable and continues to improve. "If the economy getting better would significantly push up tourism, and this certainly had an influence on the flight," added Pujobroto.