Thursday, May 21, 2009

DHL invest 50 milllion US Dollar in Incheon Airport


DHL, the express service and logistics in the world, recently open DHL Express Incheon Gateway that apply the latest technology worth around 50 million U.S. Dollars at Incheon International Airport, South Korea. This gateway has 20,000 square meters wide and measuring five times bigger than the DHL Express facility at the airport that was built before.

DHL Express Incheon Gateway will be the consolidation and distribution center from South Korea to Mongolia, China and the southern Far East Russia. In addition, this gateway will further strengthen the inter-continent service and inter--region which connects South Korea with South America and Europe.

Dan Mc Hugh, Chief Executive Officer, DHL Express Asia Pacific, said, Asia will remain a major growth area with high business opportunities in the middle of the current economic conditions. "Between 2004 and 2008, the volume of our international markets in South Korea has increased more than 50 percent. Because we want to maintain our growth momentum, the investment in the form of facilities such as this is a strategic step that put DHL in the right position to facilitate the growth of demand Incheon and the increasing role as a logistics center in Asia, "he said.

Supported by the air inter-continent network and strong area, Incheon International Airport has a steady increase of air cargo volume and estimate  increase of 67 percent in terms of service ability of 2.7 million tons in 2005 to 4.5 million tons in 2010.

Mo Deok Jeong, Vice-President of Incheon International Airport Corporation, said the investment reflects the confidence the company DHL about strategic role in the Incheon area and quality of world-class infrastructure from Incheon Airport. "I am very happy with the decision DHL to invest in the form of facilities such as this," he said.

Through the Incheon gateway high technology which the first in the express industry in South Korea, DHL will increase productivity and strengthen customer service. Equipped with the automatic selection system for the package that includes weight equipment and automated X-ray, this gateway have the capacity to select a maximum of 13,500 packets per hour,  a fivefold increase in the capacity of the facility before. With a series of six camera systems installed on the selection, the size and weight of each shipment to the picture taken and then sent to the Shipment Control Library, while the air waybill record in the system selection.