Tuesday, June 30, 2009

CPO Production could reach 21.5 million tons

Crude Palm Oil

Director General of Plantations Achmad Manggabarani estimate the production of Crude Palm Oil (CPO) during 2009 could reach 21.511 million tons. "In 2009, our CPO production is more than 20 million (initial estimate), reaching 21.511 million tons," said Achmad in Palm Oil Symposium held by Kadin Indonesia, in Jakarta on Tuesday (30 / 6). According to him, as many as 7.9 million tons of CPO produced by oil palm plantations of people, around 11 million tons of private sector and 2.4 million tons of state-owned plantations.

Increased of the production is due to the expansion of oil palm land, 7.157 million hectares in 2008 to be 7.693 million hectares this year. The productivity of oil palm trees also increased from 3.611 tons per hectares to be 3.711 tons per hectares. CPO production for 2008 reached record 19.2 million tons. "The width of the private sector and the people increased, PTPN not expand the plantation, at most only plant rejuvenation," said Achmad.

According to Achmad, the development of industry of CPO in the future will be focused on intensifying efforts to land and reduce the expansion of plantation area. "Expanding the area that still needed to achieve the target 40 million tons of CPO in 2020, but reduced effort and improved expansion efforts intensified," he said. At 2020, CPO production is estimated to reach 40 million tons with a plantation area reached 9.127 million hectares of land productivity, and achieve 4.5 tons per hectares. In 2010, oil palm area is estimated to reach 8.127 million hectares with  CPO production of 23.199 million tons and productivity of oil palm plantation 3.717 tons per hectares.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Indonesia deserves to be the CPO price preferences

Crude Palm Oil

So far the CPO world market still refers to Roterdam market, and basis of the CPO price of the world market still measure in Kuala Lumpur (MDEX). In fact, as the second largest exporter of crude palm oil (CPO) of the world, Indonesia deserves to be the world benchmark price of CPO.

That said of the Minister of Trade Mari Elka Pangestu in Jakarta on Tuesday (23 / 6). "The use of benchmark reference price of CPO is not necessarily benefit to businessman or exporter from Indonesia. As a main manufacturer and exporter of CPO in the world, Indonesia has a chance become a reference state the price of CPO in the international community," said Mari.

Currently, in the international market, Indonesia is the second largest country, with 29.29 percent of the total world export of CPO. In addition, since 2006 Indonesia as the biggest CPO producer in the world. In the year 2008, the CPO production reached 19.3 tonnes or 44.8 percent of total world production. In the year 2008, the CPO export volume and derivate reached 14.29 tons with a value of 12.37 billion U.S. dollars, or to reach 11.47 percent of the total export nonmigas Indonesia.

Indonesia dream that can become a world reference price of CPO can be realized quite likely, said Mari Pangestu, due to Indonesia has a online market phisical organized in Bursa Berjangka Jakarta (BBJ). The perpetrators of both the business and the buyer can perform transactions more effectively. "Besides the market price established, also in the market price of CPO will be a national integrated and become a reference for CPO in the international market," said Mari Pangestu.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

American Airlines will cut about 1,600 workers

American Airlines

Waves firing of employees likely will not end. This time, American Airlines which owned by AMR Corp. will cut about 1,600 workers. The reduction is equivalent to 2.4 percent of the total fleet, 67,000 units.

Currently, U.S. airlines experienced a decline in income. The airlines compete a race to cut the freight tariff to attract more consumers which reduced since the occurrence of global crisis. Not until there are, the fuel price hikes up to 31 percent since mid-May the more burdensome airlines.

"This is the difficult time for the airlines and our economy. Recession has crushed the airlines income and do not have an easy way to announce the other bad news again, "said Jeff Brundage, Senior Vice President for Human Resources.

Brundage says, American Airlines will likely cut back workers in the next few years due to a decrease in capacity. Last year, airlines have to eliminate about 6840 workers.

Meanwhile, Delta Air Lines Inc. will cut the salaries of its employees. Delta Air also likely to consider to restruture the number of their workers. However, it is not yet known exactly, how many employees will be cut.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Aviation Industry Lost 9 Billion U.S. Dollar


IATA (The International Air Transport Association) revised the projection of the world aviation industry losses in 2009 from 4.7 billion U.S. dollars to be 9 billion U.S. dollars.

IATA also revised the loss of the world flight industry in 2008 from 8.5 billion U.S. dollars to be 10.4 billion U.S. dollars, said IATA Director General Giovanni Bisignani in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Monday (8 / 6).  He explained the projected revision of the world aviation industry losses at the IATA 65th annual meeting in Kuala Lumpur, 7-9 June 2008 that was attended by 500 world leaders airline.  No events are a prominent cause of the world economy is now listless, but aviation industry experienced severe shocks.

Compared with the September 11 events when the business of aviation industry fell to seven percent. Need three years for recovery. However, at this time, the world flight face up to 15 percent decline. Loss of income 80 billion U.S. dollars in the midst of global economic crisis. The future of world flight industry is highly depend on cooperation between the aviation industry partners, government and aviation industry itself.

Malaysia PM Najib Tun Razak says Malaysia government has provided the stimulus to the their flight industry, by giving 50 percent discount to the cost of landing at KLIA for two years beginning April 2009. Airlines will benefit about 200 million Malaysia Ringgit. Giovanni says economic recession at this time is the most bad impact to aviation industry. IATA had to revise earnings projections of 15 percent from 528 billion U.S. dollars in the year 2008 to be 448 billion dollars in 2009.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mandala Air Provide Payment from PayPal

Mandala Airlines

To provide facilities for passengers which based in foreign countries, Mandala Air - one of the Indonesia airline company - starting to cooperate with the PayPal for payment transaction of Mandala tickets. With this cooperation, Mandala passengers based abroad can directly book the tickets and pay through the Mandala Air's website in www.mandalaair.com.

PayPal is an online company that provides transfer services such as electronic mail via e-mail or website. With PayPal payment facilities, Mandala passenger which based abroad can make a payment with the source of funds in the country, respectively.  Payment transaction can be completed only with username (email address) and password of the PayPal account. Also, prospective passengers of Mandala Air no need to enter credit card number and can pay directly from bank account or PayPal's account, while the source of funds from the credit card, bank transfer or electronic check.

President Director of Mandala Airlines Diono Nurjadin, Monday (8 / 6), with the PayPal payment system makes it easier and at the same time to provide security for passengers. Mandala customers can conduct transactions via Mandala website. "This system is secure against abuse (anti-fraud) and is one of the sophisticated system on the market," said Diono. Diono continue, with this facility is a proof of Mandala commitment in "easy book & easy pay". "With PayPal, Mandala passengers abroad with previously need to call directly to the call center to verify your credit card, now can directly use the website," he added.

By implemented of payment system through PayPal, Mandala targetted the addtional 20-25 percent of the passengers will use the Mandala online payment facility which of course is very easy for passengers. This payment system is in addition a payment system that has been in the Mandala, which is through ATM Bank BNI, Mandiri, BNI, BRI, Permata and Bank Panin. In addition, tickets can also be paid Mandala via SMS banking and internet banking.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lion Air Receive an Award from Changi Airport

Lion Air

The airline company - Lion Air - receive the award of the Top 5 Airlines Passenger Growth and Top 5 Airlines Cargo Growth in the Changi Airline Awards 2009 given by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) on 26 May 2009 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Changi Airport Terminal, Singapore.

CAAS give awards to top contributors (partners) at the Changi Airport in terms of passenger and goods transportation in 2008 are classified into the Top 10 Airlines by Passenger Carriage, Top 10 Airlines by Cargo Carriage, Top 5 Airlines by Growth in Passenger Carriage and Top 5 Airlines by Growth in Cargo Carriage.

Achievements is achieved based on improvement of  Lion Air passenger and cargo transported to the Changi Airport of Singapore for the year 2008. Lion Air passenger is transported to Singapore from Jakarta and Saigon of 293,529 passengers during 2008, or up 390 percent compared to 2007. While the amount of cargo transported by Lion Air to Singapore of 440 tons or 59 percent increase compared to 2007.

Changi Airline Awards Award-4 submitted by the Minister of Singapore Mr Raymond Lim to the Lion Air President Director Rusdi Kirana. "The award from the Government of Singapore (CAAS) is a proof role of the Lion Air in the regional flight and also the readiness of Lion Air on the era of globalization, particularly the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA)," said Rusdi, Tuesday (2 / 6) in Jakarta.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Garuda Indonesia will use Airbus for Beijing-Jakarta route

Garuda Indonesia

The airline company - Garuda Indonesia Airways - began early in 2010 will use a large type of Airbus for the Beijing-Jakarta route in an effort to provide better service to passengers.

"Start early 2010 the flight route Beijing-Jakarta and conversely will use a large type of Airbus aircraft. as currently we are using Boeing 737 NG," said General Manager Garuda Indonesia Sentot Mujiono Beijing in Beijing, Sunday (31 / 5). According to him, the main reason of using of a large aircraft is to provide convenience and flexibility of the passengers using a large plane. In the middle of the very tight flight competitive, especially Beijing-Jakarta route and a tendency of the foreign airlines to use a large aircraft, Garuda Indonesia should take the challenges by changing their type of aircraft fleet.

Sentot Mujiono admitted, the competition for grabbing the passengers of Beijing-Jakarta route is very tight so that need to do a number of service improvements, especially convenience. "We hope in the midst of this strict competition and the bid to use a large plane, start early in 2010, more and more people choose a Garuda Indonesia flight to Jakarta-Beijing," said Sentot.

Management of Garuda Indonesia in Beijing optimistic and able to attract as many passengers to use their service. Related complaints that Garuda prices are more expensive compared to other foreign airlines, Sentot refused because the price is in accordance with the various passenger convenience when using the Garuda.

Convenience, such as Garuda time departure from Beijing is in the morning and arrived in Sukarno-Hatta Airport, Jakarta at the evening. "Time Departure and arrival in each destination indeed benefit to the passengers because it is not in the night, in addition to the service during flight is also not lose with foreign airlines service," Sentot Mujiono added.  On Beijing-Jakarta route, Garuda Indonesia will fly every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, while the Jakarta-Beijing every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday with the new generation of Boeing 737.