Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Garuda Indonesia will use Airbus for Beijing-Jakarta route

Garuda Indonesia

The airline company - Garuda Indonesia Airways - began early in 2010 will use a large type of Airbus for the Beijing-Jakarta route in an effort to provide better service to passengers.

"Start early 2010 the flight route Beijing-Jakarta and conversely will use a large type of Airbus aircraft. as currently we are using Boeing 737 NG," said General Manager Garuda Indonesia Sentot Mujiono Beijing in Beijing, Sunday (31 / 5). According to him, the main reason of using of a large aircraft is to provide convenience and flexibility of the passengers using a large plane. In the middle of the very tight flight competitive, especially Beijing-Jakarta route and a tendency of the foreign airlines to use a large aircraft, Garuda Indonesia should take the challenges by changing their type of aircraft fleet.

Sentot Mujiono admitted, the competition for grabbing the passengers of Beijing-Jakarta route is very tight so that need to do a number of service improvements, especially convenience. "We hope in the midst of this strict competition and the bid to use a large plane, start early in 2010, more and more people choose a Garuda Indonesia flight to Jakarta-Beijing," said Sentot.

Management of Garuda Indonesia in Beijing optimistic and able to attract as many passengers to use their service. Related complaints that Garuda prices are more expensive compared to other foreign airlines, Sentot refused because the price is in accordance with the various passenger convenience when using the Garuda.

Convenience, such as Garuda time departure from Beijing is in the morning and arrived in Sukarno-Hatta Airport, Jakarta at the evening. "Time Departure and arrival in each destination indeed benefit to the passengers because it is not in the night, in addition to the service during flight is also not lose with foreign airlines service," Sentot Mujiono added.  On Beijing-Jakarta route, Garuda Indonesia will fly every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, while the Jakarta-Beijing every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday with the new generation of Boeing 737.