Tuesday, June 30, 2009

CPO Production could reach 21.5 million tons

Crude Palm Oil

Director General of Plantations Achmad Manggabarani estimate the production of Crude Palm Oil (CPO) during 2009 could reach 21.511 million tons. "In 2009, our CPO production is more than 20 million (initial estimate), reaching 21.511 million tons," said Achmad in Palm Oil Symposium held by Kadin Indonesia, in Jakarta on Tuesday (30 / 6). According to him, as many as 7.9 million tons of CPO produced by oil palm plantations of people, around 11 million tons of private sector and 2.4 million tons of state-owned plantations.

Increased of the production is due to the expansion of oil palm land, 7.157 million hectares in 2008 to be 7.693 million hectares this year. The productivity of oil palm trees also increased from 3.611 tons per hectares to be 3.711 tons per hectares. CPO production for 2008 reached record 19.2 million tons. "The width of the private sector and the people increased, PTPN not expand the plantation, at most only plant rejuvenation," said Achmad.

According to Achmad, the development of industry of CPO in the future will be focused on intensifying efforts to land and reduce the expansion of plantation area. "Expanding the area that still needed to achieve the target 40 million tons of CPO in 2020, but reduced effort and improved expansion efforts intensified," he said. At 2020, CPO production is estimated to reach 40 million tons with a plantation area reached 9.127 million hectares of land productivity, and achieve 4.5 tons per hectares. In 2010, oil palm area is estimated to reach 8.127 million hectares with  CPO production of 23.199 million tons and productivity of oil palm plantation 3.717 tons per hectares.