Tuesday, June 16, 2009

American Airlines will cut about 1,600 workers

American Airlines

Waves firing of employees likely will not end. This time, American Airlines which owned by AMR Corp. will cut about 1,600 workers. The reduction is equivalent to 2.4 percent of the total fleet, 67,000 units.

Currently, U.S. airlines experienced a decline in income. The airlines compete a race to cut the freight tariff to attract more consumers which reduced since the occurrence of global crisis. Not until there are, the fuel price hikes up to 31 percent since mid-May the more burdensome airlines.

"This is the difficult time for the airlines and our economy. Recession has crushed the airlines income and do not have an easy way to announce the other bad news again, "said Jeff Brundage, Senior Vice President for Human Resources.

Brundage says, American Airlines will likely cut back workers in the next few years due to a decrease in capacity. Last year, airlines have to eliminate about 6840 workers.

Meanwhile, Delta Air Lines Inc. will cut the salaries of its employees. Delta Air also likely to consider to restruture the number of their workers. However, it is not yet known exactly, how many employees will be cut.

Picture : blog.kievukraine.info