Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Garuda Indonesia add a Boeing to Papua

garuda indonesia airways

Indonesia national airline company, Garuda Indonesia Airways, or GIA will add a Boeing to Papua to become the three aircraft that will serve passengers from Timika, Biak and Jayapura to Makassar and Jakarta. The three planes as said by General Manager of Garuda Indonesia Jayapura Ucok Cemerlang are two types of Boeing 737 series Boeing 800 and one 737 series of 400.

He explained that the flight route from Jakarta - Makassar – Timika (return) will served by Boeing 737 series 400, while the route Jakarta – Makassar - Biak (return) and Jakarta - Makassar – Jayapura (return) is using Boeing 737 series 800.

According to Ucok Cemerlang, especially for the route from Jakarta - Makassar Biak and Jakarta – Makassar – Jayapura - will take effect from 1 May, while the route from Jakarta – Makassar – Timika (return) has been in effect since March 28 last. "With this route changes Garuda Indonesia does not serve the route of Jayapura – Timika anymore, or vice versa," he said.

Previously, Ucok said, the flight path was served by Garuda Indonesia’s route Jakarta – Denpasar – Timika – Jayapura (return). Ucok admit, that the flight schedule changes made after the feasibility study as well as efforts to improve the public service in Papua. In fact, according to him, in the future, the passengers can travel in one day to other cities in eastern Indonesia. "Makassar will made as the service center of eastern Indonesia," said Ucok Cemerlang.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sriwijaya Air Projected Become Premium Airline


Sriwijaya Air carriers are now gradually began to project themselves to move into a premium airline. This premium segment chosen in anticipation of the implementation of the open air policy as Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN Open Sky Policy) in 2015.

"Gradually we will increase to the premium class (full service) to serve 35 existing flights routes," said Public Relations Manager Sriwijaya Air, Ruth Hanna Simatupang. She asserted, the target of Sriwijaya Air was facing ASEAN Open Sky Policy by increasing the maximum passenger service, one of them by switching to a premium airline. The plan, gradually Sriwijaya Air is also going to replace the old fleet of Boeing 737-300 to Boeing 400 was replaced with the latest series.

According to Ruth, with a rising class into premium airline, Sriwijaya Air management to improve customer service even better that the previous focus on middle segment. "We are very realistic with an automatic grade of all services should be maximum," she said.

Regarding the target load factor, with the premium grade, automatic target recognition would be increased again from the first time in 80 percent of middle class and up to 89 percent in premium class. Sriwijaya Air, in the last two years has carried 4.8 million passengers in 2008. While in 2009 the number of passengers carried to 5.4 million. "In 2010 our target was expected to carry passengers 6 to 7 million people with a first class premium airline," she said.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Batavia Air : Jakarta - Solo

On Monday (March 15, 2010), Batavia Air began maiden flight Jakarta – Solo (return). By using Boeing 737-400 aircraft with flight number 7P-301, this plane will depart from Jakarta at 17:45 pm and landed at Solo Adisumarmo Airport at 18:45 pm. The flight from Solo to Jakarta, leaving at 06.05 pm the next day. This direct flight Jakarta - Solo will be operated every day.

"Solo is the 38th domestic city to flown by Batavia Air. As a city of culture and cultural centers in Central Java and the city of batik industry was famous throughout the world, is incomplete if it does not open a Batavia Air flight to this city. Departure time early enough from Solo provides the opportunity for Solo people who will do business in Jakarta and can return to Solo in the afternoon, "said the Public Relations Manager Batavia Air, Eddy Haryanto.

Batavia Air currently entered into the category I (one) in terms of flight safety. This category is the highest ranking issued by the Department of Transportation to assess the level of an airline flight safety. Every 3 (three) months, this ranking is always evaluated to maintain confidence in the security and safety in flight.

Currently Batavia Air operates over 170 flights per day and serve destinations in 38 cities throughout Indonesia, and Guangzhou (China), Kuching (Malaysia) and Singapore. Batavia Air has a fleet of 38 aircraft consisting of Boeing 737-200, Boeing 737-300, Boeing 737-400, Airbus A-319, Airbus A-320 and Airbus A330. Batavia Air is a low-fare carriers and using an electronic ticket.

Monday, March 8, 2010

April 2010, Wings Air open Surabaya-Pontianak route

wings air - surabaya to pontianak

Starting April 2010, the airline company Wings Air will open a route Surabaya to Pontianak (return). The opening of the flight route Surabaya-Pontianak is to strengthen the routes in the central region of Indonesia.

"The target of this new route will be worked out after a new fleet of ATR 72-500 aircraft with a capacity of 72 passengers have arrived and are ready to operate next month," said General Director of Wings Air, Edward Sirait. He said, opening the route Surabaya to Pontianak is the first time explored by Wings Air in West Kalimantan region. In addition, the route has considerable potential that few other airlines also opened the same route.

"This route is actually pretty good market, but do not use the big planes," Edward Sirait said. He added, by not using large aircraft so indirectly it can cost down of the avtur. In addition, the use of middle size aircraft (capacity 72 passengers) is very effective in capturing passengers Pontianak.

Previously, Wings Air has also been targeting the short routes because of high market share, such as Yogyakarta-Bandung (return), Surabaya-Yogyakarta (return), and Surabaya-Semarang (return). In the future, Wings Air also has plan to open another route in Sumatra, such as Medan, Palembang, and Padang.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Garuda Indonesia open a flight route to Babullah Airport, Ternate

garuda indonesia

Garuda Indonesian Airlines will open flights route to Babullah Airport, Ternate, North Maluku, to support an efficient air transportation to and from this province. "Garuda Indonesia plans to open the flights route to Ternate early April 2010," said Head of Babullah Airport,  Taslim Badaruddin, in Ternate.

The aircraft will be used in flights to and from Ternate is the Boeing 737 NG with 110 passenger capacity on a route Jakarta - Manado - Ternate every day. Taslim says Garuda Indonesia actually began to open flights to Ternate since 2009, but was delayed because the Babullah airport still repaired as an extension of the runway and passenger terminal building.

The improvement of Babullah Airport, Ternate actual unfinished, but especially for the extension of runway from 2100 meters to 2400 is finish, so that the Garuda Indonesia decided to open a flight route to Ternate. The runway of Babullah airport facility is also equipped with lights so the flight can be served at night.

Taslim added with a Garuda Indonesia flight to Babullah Airport is expected to further improve the smooth flow of air transportation to and from Ternate, and encourage economic growth in this area."We have seven airlines that opened the route to the airport flight Babullah Ternate, the Wings Air, Merpati, Express Air, Lion Air, Batavia Air, Sriwijaya Air, and  Trigana Air with frequency of 20 flights daily.