Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Malaysia Airlines using Facebook for online ticket transaction

Malaysia Airliness

By using the virtual social network Facebook - which used free of charge, Malaysia Airlines enjoy the online ticket transactions service which reach two million Malaysia Ringgit or approximately equal less than IDR 5 billion.

"This is a effective progress and we can use Facebook for free. Nowdays, customers can also print their own ticket and make a 'boarding pass' before flying," said Malaysia Airlines Commercial Director Dato' Rashid Khan in Kuta, Bali, on Monday ( 13 / 7) during a conference talk on Pacific Asia travel association Travel Association (PATA) Malaysia Chapter in Wina Holiday Villa Kuta, Bali. The competition in the aviation business is tight now, all the management of airline company demanded can transform all the circumstances with the best service, product quality assurance, flight schedule on time and take advantage of high technology. Facebook utilization, he said, as the bridge betwen the company and customers around the world for free, including one of the aspects of the utilization of information technology that is able to support large enough progress.

Dato 'Rashid Khan who spoke about Transforming Malaysia Airlines Into Five Star Value Career, explained that starting 15 September 2009 there will be a flight to Bali three times a day, making it easier for advanced route (flight connection) to the cities in India such as Chennai, Hyderabat, Banglore, New Delhi and others. According to the Secretary General of PATA Bali & Nusa Tenggara Chapter Soebrata N Ratna, at this time every day there are ten flights from Malaysia to Bali is almost always filled with tourists. Therefore, the execution Malaysia PATA conference in Bali is considered important to continue to build and improve tourist arrivals from the neighboring countries.

According to Dato 'Rashid Khan, to anticipate the global financial crisis, the strategy to sell the flight seat same as increasing residential hotel rooms. "Today is not sold will be lost. So we continue to offer the tickets until the last seconds with the special fare," he said. Malaysia Airlines also continue to serve the customer by listening to all customers complaints and all the complaints will handle by the first occasion, as soon as possible, which involve the management official directly, not just by regular staff. And even though offering the price ticket promotion, Malaysia Airlines keep maintaining high quality products, always maintaining the highest level for all aircraft, so operated in optimal conditions.

Picture source : www.flickr.com