Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mandala Airlines "Go Regional"

Mandala Airlines

One of Indonesia national private airline, Mandala Airlines will intends to expand the network services to regional or "go regional" at the end of this year or latest early next year by cooperation with foreign airlines.

"The patterns of cooperation is not specified yet, by  code share or strategic alliance. The quickest is at the end of this year or latest early next year," said President Director of Mandala Airlines, Diono Nurjadin after  the signed Cooperation Ticket Payment via ATM with PT Bank Bukopin Tbk in Jakarta, Wednesday (29 / 7).

Diono explains, the regional routes which will aim are Australia, all the ASEAN countries, India and South China with the goal of the long flight from the Indonesia origin about 4-5 hours. "This is part of the Mandala Airlines' strategy to expand the network and at the beginning should cooperate with foreign airlines," he said. Diono believe these efforts will get good response from potential partners because, besides Mandala Airlines already revoked from the European Union (EU) flying restrictions together with four other airlines in Indonesia, also as corporation, this company continues to grow and develop.

"By the end of this year, number of Mandala Airlines passenger around 4-5 million people with at least two types of Airbus aircraft 320. At this time, we have total 11 planes and all of the planes are Airbus A-320 and A-319. Since January 2009, we only operate the only Airbus aircraft, "Diono said. Besides that, since 2007 Mandala Airlines also has order 30 new Airbus aircraft worth 2.3 billion U.S. dollars and will come in stages, starting in 2011. "All the ordered aircraft are just a 'leasing' with tenor 4-12 years," he said.

Currently Mandala Airlines serve up to 19 destination cities in Indonesia and provides seating capacity 550,000 passengers per month. Mandala Airlines is also prepared to obtain a certificate from the IATA IOSA on this year.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ministry of Transportation will not prohibit to use mobile technology in the plane.

departemen perhubungan

Ministry of Transportation asserts, the policy will not make difficulties of using mobile phone in the plane. "Principally, we will not prohibit or impede the use of mobile technology on the aircraft," said Bambang S Ervan, the Head of Public Communication Center Ministry of Transportation, on Monday (27 / 7). But it must be done according to the rules and should not break the rules both in terms of technical or legal. This statement is responding to companies plan service provider of telecommunication technology in the aircraft, AeroMobile, to work with several national airlines this year.

Bambang emphasized, although AeroMobile has claimed hold a EASA certificate, is not mean Ministry of Transportation give direct consent and recommend implementation of technology in the airplanes owned by Indonesian airlines. At least, the tool must pass a test in space in a compatible electromagnetic waves (echoid chamber) to measure the large waves electromagnetic that emanated from one device to another device.

Meanwhile, Bambang firm, according to regulation UU No. 1 / 2009 about flight, all the equipment that emit signals that interfere with aircraft navigation systems are prohibited to work during the flight. "But if the technology really can make a mobile phone signal does not interfere with, yes, it does not matter. Principally, the main regulator for flight safety is," he said. Echoid chamber, only owned by aircraft manufacturer, such as Boeing and Airbus. In Indonesia, the only company that has this tool is PT Dirgantara Indonesia.

AeroMobile Technology based in London, England, has adopted by a number of international airlines such as Emirates Airlines, Virgin Australia, Qantas, Malaysian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, and Saudi Arabian Airlines. This technology does not only facilitate passengers to make a phone connection, but also to send SMS and surfing in the virtual world and download data through a network of general packet radio system (GPRS). This service also supports the user's BlackBerry and push e-mail, including attachments.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Garuda Indonesia on the right track

Garuda Indonesia

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono commend the success of the management of P.T (Persero) Garuda Indonesia Airlines on transforming this airline company. In 2004 Garuda Indonesia lose around IDR 811 billion, but in 2008 recorded profit of IDR 669 billion.

"Garuda Indonesia on right track," said the President, on Thursday (23 / 7), while speech at Garuda  Indonesia new office. President attend in the Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Cengkareng, Banten, besides to inaugurate a new Garuda Indonesia building of 17,000 square meters, is also to review the two new aircraft, i.e Boeing 737-800NG (Next Generation) and the Airbus A330-200.

Total B737-800NG ordered by Garuda Indonesia is 50 units. Garuda Indonesia also order 10 units of B777-300ER which will arrive in 2011. On year 2014 this airlines projection to fly 116 unit aircraft. The President would also like to congratulate the Minister of Transportation and other parties about the revoked of fly restriction by the European Commission. Although only four new airlines to revoked, namely Garuda Indonesia, Mandala Airlines, Prime Air, and Airfast.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

After the Ritz-Marriot blast, the economic growth remains 4.3 percent.


The Finance Minister Sri Mulyani affirm, even though bomb explosion occurred in the Mega Kuningan Jakarta, the Indonesian economic growth remains 4.3 percent. The reason is this bomb explosion at Hotel JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton on Friday (17 / 7) are not significantly affect economic growth. "We do not revise 2009 economic growth," she said after a meeting between economic ministers and Kadin in Jakarta.

According to Sri Mulyani, Mega Kuningan bomb incident did not affect the real economic activity to this day is not significant. If there are various speculations on the influence of the economy, anticipating the flow of human beings (Wisman) and the flow of goods. Indeed, there were cancellation of tourist which coming to Indonesia, said Sri Mulyani, but as tourists stay in both hotels. "Cancellation is in a reasonable degree," added Sri Mulyani.

In addition, she stressed the international perception of Indonesia is still good. "They are still on the high confidence that the security and government policy," she said.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Bombings Were Terrorist Act, Says President

Bombings Were Terrorist Act, Says President

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono says Friday morning's bombings at the JW Marriot and Ritz Carlton Hotels were likely the work of a terrorist group.
"I condemn this bombing incident and I am certain it was done by a small number of people who do not care about the country's image and future," he said in a televised speech early Friday afternoon. He added that he was certain the perpetrators would be caught and punished.
Speaking a week and a half after a presidential election that he appears to have won by a wide margin, the president asked the public to not speculate about motives behind the attacks.
"We must not speculate whether the bombing is related to the election. All theories and speculations must be proven by law," he said.
However, Yudhoyono showed photos he said he had received from national intelligence sources that appeared to show militants targeting photos of him.
"There was a terrorist group that did shooting practice with my picture as the target," he said. The photos showed a masked man aiming at a target and a picture of himself with a bullet hole in the right cheek.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Garuda Indonesia revoked from flying black list to Europe

Garuda Indonesia

The European Union has revoked the prohibition of flying for 4 Indonesian airlines company, including the Indonesia national airlines Garuda Indonesia. Revocation of the prohibition is based on the significant improvement of fly safety standards which allows 4 of Indonesia airlines company to serve the flight service back to continental Europe.

The European Union had put all airlines in Indonesia to the international black list of airlines banned from flying after the ongoing series of aircraft accidents in 2007. A statement issued by the European Union shows that Garuda Indonesia will continue their fly to Europe in 2010 and 3 other Indonesia airlines - Mandala Airline, Premiair, and Airfast - has been revoked from the list, on Tuesday (14 / 7).

"We can not compromise the security of the flight," said Vice President of the European Commission Antonio Tajani. "The unsafe company should be prohibited from flying outside of their country," he said. "People have the right to fly safely to anywhere in the world. It is important for the international community to re-think security policies flight," he added.

In Jakarta, Minister of Transportation Jusman Djamal Safeii states will try to reach a comprehensive aviation agreement between Indonesia and the 27 EU member state. This is because not all airlines in Indonesia revoked from the prohibition fly list in Europe. The other countries airlines company that have not been revoked by flight restrictions in Europe are from Sierra Leone, Swaziland, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Malaysia Airlines using Facebook for online ticket transaction

Malaysia Airliness

By using the virtual social network Facebook - which used free of charge, Malaysia Airlines enjoy the online ticket transactions service which reach two million Malaysia Ringgit or approximately equal less than IDR 5 billion.

"This is a effective progress and we can use Facebook for free. Nowdays, customers can also print their own ticket and make a 'boarding pass' before flying," said Malaysia Airlines Commercial Director Dato' Rashid Khan in Kuta, Bali, on Monday ( 13 / 7) during a conference talk on Pacific Asia travel association Travel Association (PATA) Malaysia Chapter in Wina Holiday Villa Kuta, Bali. The competition in the aviation business is tight now, all the management of airline company demanded can transform all the circumstances with the best service, product quality assurance, flight schedule on time and take advantage of high technology. Facebook utilization, he said, as the bridge betwen the company and customers around the world for free, including one of the aspects of the utilization of information technology that is able to support large enough progress.

Dato 'Rashid Khan who spoke about Transforming Malaysia Airlines Into Five Star Value Career, explained that starting 15 September 2009 there will be a flight to Bali three times a day, making it easier for advanced route (flight connection) to the cities in India such as Chennai, Hyderabat, Banglore, New Delhi and others. According to the Secretary General of PATA Bali & Nusa Tenggara Chapter Soebrata N Ratna, at this time every day there are ten flights from Malaysia to Bali is almost always filled with tourists. Therefore, the execution Malaysia PATA conference in Bali is considered important to continue to build and improve tourist arrivals from the neighboring countries.

According to Dato 'Rashid Khan, to anticipate the global financial crisis, the strategy to sell the flight seat same as increasing residential hotel rooms. "Today is not sold will be lost. So we continue to offer the tickets until the last seconds with the special fare," he said. Malaysia Airlines also continue to serve the customer by listening to all customers complaints and all the complaints will handle by the first occasion, as soon as possible, which involve the management official directly, not just by regular staff. And even though offering the price ticket promotion, Malaysia Airlines keep maintaining high quality products, always maintaining the highest level for all aircraft, so operated in optimal conditions.

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Merpati Airlines rank threatened down

Merpati Nusantara Airlines

Several times an accident and negligence in their flight operation, the airline company Merpati Nusantara Airlines threatened down the ranking in the categorization done by the Indonesia safety authority flight.For time being the Ministry of Transportation has revoke the approved capability Strategic Business Unit (SBU) Merpati Maintenance Facility (MMF). "While this is being examined again whether this error was fatal enough so threaten the flight safety," said the Head of Legal Bureau of the Directorate of Civil Avitation, Rudi Ricardo in Jakarta.

As known, at this time Merpati Airlines with a dozen other national airlines has been included in category I on flight safety rank by Ministry of Transportation which means secure to use cause meet the safety and aviation security. If they go down to category II, Merpati airlines will be eligible minimal civil aviation safety but there are some requirements that have not been implemented. However, the ranking may go down if Merpati repeatedly make mistakes in assessing the safety by Ministry of Transportation. "In six months there are three Merpati accidents with the same PK," he said.

On the official website of Ministry of Transportation, the letter from Directorate General of Civil Avitation to PT Merpati Nusantara number AU/4604/DKUPPU/2725/2009 dated 7 July 2009, revoke the approved capability SBU Merpati Maintenance Facility (MMF SBU) and freeze the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer License ( AMEL) of the three SBU MMF qualified personnel as related to the prevention of serious incident Boeing 737 © 400 © PK MDO that occurred on 6 July 2009 Frans Kaisepo Airport in Biak, Papua.

This policy is also associated with the previous accident  that befall Merpati and Ministry of Transportation need to consider revocation of the temporary ability (approved capability) SBU MMF as the holder of Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) 145/9300, in the field of accessories for the job inspection, testing, and wheel and brake repair for aircraft B 737-200/300/400/500 until internal self evaluation and internal assessment done by PT Merpati Nusantara and received by the Directorate General of Civil Avitation.  Similarly in the case of freezing of the AMEL No. 3825 on behalf of Nanang Budi Erwanto, AMEL No. 3451 (Sumitro Fasting) and AMEL No. 3671 - M Kusno Adi Nurcahyo, until the internal self assessment and internal evaluation received the Directorate General of Air.

Merpati Airlines is required to perform the internal self assessment and internal evaluation of the overall system and procedures in order to find the root of the problems (root causes) of the accident, and then report the results to the Ministry of Transportation. Furthermore, the Directorate General of Civil Avitation will check upon receive reports the internal self assessment and internal evaluation conducted by the PT Merpati Nusantara and considering before reissue the SBU MMF and the personal AMEL.  Meanwhil, Corporate Secretary of Merpati Nusantara Airlines, Sukandi said Merpati will comply with all government decisions. However the company still has the right to provide feedback on the government's decision. "Management will conduct a meeting first before giving feedback," he said.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Garuda Indonesia will serve back to Europe

Garuda Indonesia

PT Garuda Indonesia (Garuda) will serve to ensure the flight back to Europe  started semester I in 2010. Certainty about this information after European Union (EU) revoke the prohibition of four airlines fly to Indonesia. As stated by Head Corporate Communications Garuda, Pujobroto when in Jakarta on Friday (2 / 7) night, responding to the decision of the Air Safety Committee of European Union in Brussels, Belgium. One of the recommendations is the decision to repeal the fly prohibition to EU of four airlines namely Garuda Indonesia, Mandala Airlines, Indonesia Airfast, and Prime Air.

The official decision will be issued approximately two weeks onward, once translated into 22 official languages and signed by EU Commissioner for transportation affairs. Pujobroto continue, Garuda welcomes the positive decision and therefore the Garuda will fly to Europe, especially to Amsterdam as the first city in Europe. However, it is necessary for the series preparation and is estimated to take about nine months so it can be expected to fly around the first semester of 2010. Pujobroto also said, for the sake of it, Garuda not specify the type of aircraft that will be used to reopen the flight to Europe.

"But it can, as an alternative, we will fly to Europe with a Airbus 330-200 aircraft. Therefore should stop once or can not be direct," he said. If later, orders of 10 Boeing 777 aircraft type is a new coming around the end of 2010 or early 2011, the Garuda can fly non-stop to a number of cities in Europe with the newest aircraft. Cities are to Amsterdam and Frankfurt.

"Options for Amsterdam as the first casue market there is big enough," said Pujobroto. At the end of 2004, Garuda Indonesia close the route to Amsterdam because the service is not competitive. Therefore, due to the plan of open the route back, he added, Garuda would conduct a number of improvements to the quality of service, including flying back with the new aircraft. EU ban on the fly all Indonesian airlines applied since July 2007, following a series of aircraft accidents at that time.