Thursday, June 30, 2011

NYK has established NYK Automotive Logistics (China)


NYK has established NYK Automotive Logistics (China), (NALC; head office: Tianjin, China), a wholly owned subsidiary, to further strengthen the NYK Group's finished-car logistics business in China, where the automobile market has rapidly grown to become the world's largest.

The NYK Group began its finished-car logistics business in China in 2003 and has since developed diverse finished-car logistics services ranging from finished-car land-transport services throughout the country and car-carrier terminal operations at the four major ports of Dalian, Tianjin, Shanghai, and Guangzhou to value-added services such as PDIs (Pre-Delivery Inspections) at VDCs (Vehicle Distribution Centers).

By the establishment of NALC, the NYK Group will be able to centralize customer service desks and maximize the utilization of the existing service network for the distribution of finished cars throughout China with the aim of providing effective solutions to meet customer needs.

The NYK Group began the land transport of finished cars in 2005, and grew it as a part of NYK Logistics (China) (NLC), a wholly owned subsidiary in China. In 2010, the NYK Group was operating about 700 car trailers to provide land-transport services throughout the country and delivered around 850,000 finished-cars from ports and plants to dealer outlets.

As well as taking over the land transport of finished cars from NLC, NALC will respond to the further developing Chinese automobile market comprehensively. Furthermore, the NYK Group will reflect customer needs for logistics in the operations of terminals, land transportation, VDCs, and PDIs to further accelerate an improvement in quality and the enhancement of competitiveness.

The logistics services other than the land transport of finished-cars, such as the automobile-parts logistics business in China that originally was provided by NLC, will continue to be provided by NLC. NALC and NLC will cooperate with each other to improve the NYK Group's automobile-related logistics services in China.

In 2010, sales of new cars in China exceeded 18 million units. Within several years, sales are forecasted to exceed 20 million units. As imports, exports, and the need for inland transportation increase, the need for car logistics is expected to further expand. The NYK Group will continue to make efforts to utilize its accumulated expertise with respect to finished-car transportation and high-quality services to respond to the diverse needs of the company's customer needs. / picture:

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Changing the Atmosphere of Working Place

Changing the Atmosphere of Working Place

The good mood can be created by providing the nice atmosphere in your working room. When you are working sometimes you just lose the passion in your jobs because you feel so boring with the condition of your working room. Well, if it affects your performance in doing the jobs, you should change the design of working room. For example, you can try to put some colorful table covers or table top display to get the new atmosphere in your working room.

By adding some cheerful atmosphere like giving the colorful designs for your table, your performance in doing the job will be much better from before. After making some changes in your working room, it is your option to decorate the trade show exhibits so that it will be looked differently and leaving some good impressions. By decorating the office that you work at, it is possible for you to get the good mood and then you feel so energetic in doing you job so that your job can be handled easily with much fun.

It is also important to get the new atmosphere for your friends like changing the design of the directors chairs to get the new refreshing idea for your friends and then your friends will be able to make a progress for the company.

Friday, June 24, 2011

AirAsia’s RECORD: order 200 Airbus A320neo

airasia the largest order of 200 airbus

The Malaysia airline company, Air Asia has ordered 200 Airbus A320neo type, worth about U.S$ 18 billion.

Orders during the Paris Air Show is the largest single transaction in the history of commercial aircraft orders.

Many parties order a new version of Airbus A320 type, because the new engine is more fuel efficient and inexpensive operation.

On Wednesday, Airbus also get big orders from the Indian company, Indigo, as many as 180 aircraft.

Airbus said the order from AirAsia - the low cost airlines from Malaysia - is the biggest buyer in a single order.

Overall AirAsia has ordered 375 aircraft from the A320 type, with 89 of them already in operation.

"With this historic agreement, AirAsia is able to meet the future growth in Asian markets," said Tony Fernandes, AirAsia's executive director.

Airbus who owned by EADS has been outpacing its rival, Boeing, on the number of orders during the Paris Air Show because of the high demand for fuel efficient planes.

Airbus has received 586 aircraft orders worth U.S$ 55.8 billion, with a tentative booking U.S.$ 29.5 billion.

The company of America, Boeing, only get 47 orders worth U.S.$ 7.5 billion with U.S.$ 14.9 billion more as a temporary order.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

NOL Signs Letters Of Intent To Build New Ships

NOL signed letters of intent to build 12 new container vessels. The ships, all to be built in South Korea, would include:

* Ten 14,000-TEU vessels to be constructed by Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries and

* Two 9,200-TEU vessels to be constructed by Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering.

NOL also said it is upgrading a 2010 order placed with Daewoo for ten 8,400-TEU ships. These vessels will now be upgraded to 9,200-TEUs of capacity each and will employ new, more efficient design and technology.

The total consideration for the new vessels and upgrades would be about US$1.54 billion. The ships are scheduled for delivery in 2013 and 2014.

The 14,000-TEU ships would be NOL's largest and most fuel efficient. NOL said they will be deployed in its Asia-Europe Trade. The 9,200-TEU vessels will likely be employed in the Trans-Pacific Trade.

NOL said it is investing in new, larger vessels to reduce unit capital and operating costs, meet future growth needs and replace older and smaller chartered vessels that will be returned to their owners in the charter market.

When delivered, the new vessels will enable NOL's shipping line, APL, to provide more efficient, reliable service to customers. The ships will include features designed to conserve fuel and reduce environmental impacts.

NOL said the letters of intent are subject to contract signing with the shipbuilders.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

AirAsia plans to increase flight frequency Bandung-Kuala Lumpur six times a day

airasia flight frequency bandung kualalumpur

Development of business and tourism city of Bandung bring fresh air for the airlines. One airline that gets lucky is that of PT Indonesia AirAsia. Since it was first held in Bandung route using Airbus A320 on June 2, 2011, the number of passengers of this route continues to grow.

Dharmadi, President Director of AirAsia, said, in a day AirAsia could serve Bandung - Kuala Lumpur route three times. As for Bandung - Singapore route, AirAsia to enable it twice a day.

He said the two routes have load factor above 80%. "As many as 75% of the passengers of this route are tourists, mainly from Malaysia," said Dharmadi. As for domestic routes, AirAsia flight hold Bandung - Bali and Bandung – Medan each twice a day. "We can fly to Bandung 1300 passengers per day," he explained.

Based on the prospective potential of Bandung, AirAsia plans to increase flight frequency Bandung - Kuala Lumpur so six times a day using Airbus A320. Dharmadi explained, the plane was able to fly 22% more passengers and more fuel efficient with 15%.

Naturally, AirAsia aggressively pursue a market in Bandung. Not long ago,Tri Sunoko, President Director of PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero), said, Bandung city population reaching 4 million, making the number of passengers from the Flower City continues to rise.

Currently, Bandung flight routes served by six airlines namely AirAsia, Malaysia Airlines, Merpati Airlines, Wings Air, Sriwijaya Air, and Susi Air. "This year, each carrier can transport 2,500 passengers per day," said Tri.

This number increased 19% compared to last year's 2098 people per day. Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) recorded, the number of foreign tourists entering through Husein Sastranegara from January to April 2011 grew 35.27% to 36,919 people.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

APL Veteran - Bob Sappio -Steps Down


APL said that 29-year veteran Bob Sappio, head of the shipping line's PanAmerican Trades, will leave the company August 1 to remain in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Sappio has been the head of APL's Trans-Pacific Trade since 2003. He played a key role in establishing APL as the leader in the Trans-Pacific and in building its brand reputation for high-quality service in the industry, said Ron Widdows, CEO of parent company NOL Group.

"I've devoted my entire career to APL a company I have tremendous affection and respect for," said Sappio, who joined the container carrier in 1982. "But family priorities are most important, and I've made the decision to stay closer to home and remain in California where my family has established deep roots."

Sappio guided APL to a top market share position in the route between Asia and the US West Coast. He worked closely with key multinational customers and was APL's representative to carrier groups such as the Transpacific Stabilization Agreement. In 2010, Sappio represented the industry at congressional hearings in Washington, DC, on container shipping.

"Bob's contributions working closely with me on issues not only of importance to our company, but the industry and our customers, were invaluable," said Widdows. "He has helped us grow our business, improve our service and strengthen our relationships with many of the world's most important shippers. He leaves a lasting imprint on this company and parts with our thanks for a job well done."

NOL executive director Ng Yat Chung, who will become CEO when Widdows retires from his position at the end of 2011, said: "While we will miss Bob's passion and drive, we have built the best team in the business. Our focus on taking care of our customers' service needs at a level they have come to expect will continue to set APL apart in this important trade."

Sappio will be replaced in the Trans-Pacific by 22-year APL veteran Steve Schollaert, APL's executive vice president of intermodal strategy and former head of its Asia-Europe trade. Schollaert, who has a background in operations and was also responsible for APL's terminals, will be based in Phoenix. He will report to Liner Trade Management senior vice president Dave Appleton.

"We're pleased to select an executive with the broad experience that Steve has to head our Trans-Pacific trade," said APL president Eng Aik Meng. "I'm confident he will build on the legacy Bob Sappio leaves behind in this company and in the industry."

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

AirAsia down Garuda Indonesia dominance in International Aviation market


The dominance of PT Garuda Indonesia in the international aviation market segments in the scale of the national airline competition began to be exceeded by PT Indonesia AirAsia (IAA).

In the first quarter of 2011, the number of passenger of AirAsia is able to dominate the international aviation market amounted to 43.55 percent of total passengers as many as 1.87 million people.

The Ministry of Transportation data is mentioned, the AirAsia is able to fly as many as 818,453 passengers. This figure rose 28.32 percent compared to the realization of the number of passengers for the first quarter of 2010 that 637,777 passengers.

The Garuda Indonesia is in second position which fly 690,336 people. However the increase reached 45.34 percent compared to first quarter 2010 that as many as 474,956 passengers. Garuda Indonesia has the international passenger market by 36.73 percent.

An estimated of quarter II to IV, the AirAsia will be able to reach more international passengers again. "Moreover, there will be a holiday, usually the trend will increase," said a spokesman for the IAA, Audrey Progastama Petriny.

This year, AirAsia has held two units of Airbus A320, bringing the total number of Airbus A320 operated into 16 units, plus four units of Boeing 737-300.

Additional two units of aircraft making company can increase the frequency of six flights, the Jakarta - Singapore, Denpasar - Singapore, Bandung - Denpasar, Bandung - Medan and Medan - Penang each one times a day round trip, and the Jakarta - Denpasar twice a day (return).

"AirAsia is targeting will fly 4.5 million passengers this year. The target of international passengers is expected as many as 3.5 million," added Audrey.