Thursday, June 2, 2011

AirAsia down Garuda Indonesia dominance in International Aviation market


The dominance of PT Garuda Indonesia in the international aviation market segments in the scale of the national airline competition began to be exceeded by PT Indonesia AirAsia (IAA).

In the first quarter of 2011, the number of passenger of AirAsia is able to dominate the international aviation market amounted to 43.55 percent of total passengers as many as 1.87 million people.

The Ministry of Transportation data is mentioned, the AirAsia is able to fly as many as 818,453 passengers. This figure rose 28.32 percent compared to the realization of the number of passengers for the first quarter of 2010 that 637,777 passengers.

The Garuda Indonesia is in second position which fly 690,336 people. However the increase reached 45.34 percent compared to first quarter 2010 that as many as 474,956 passengers. Garuda Indonesia has the international passenger market by 36.73 percent.

An estimated of quarter II to IV, the AirAsia will be able to reach more international passengers again. "Moreover, there will be a holiday, usually the trend will increase," said a spokesman for the IAA, Audrey Progastama Petriny.

This year, AirAsia has held two units of Airbus A320, bringing the total number of Airbus A320 operated into 16 units, plus four units of Boeing 737-300.

Additional two units of aircraft making company can increase the frequency of six flights, the Jakarta - Singapore, Denpasar - Singapore, Bandung - Denpasar, Bandung - Medan and Medan - Penang each one times a day round trip, and the Jakarta - Denpasar twice a day (return).

"AirAsia is targeting will fly 4.5 million passengers this year. The target of international passengers is expected as many as 3.5 million," added Audrey.