Friday, June 24, 2011

AirAsia’s RECORD: order 200 Airbus A320neo

airasia the largest order of 200 airbus

The Malaysia airline company, Air Asia has ordered 200 Airbus A320neo type, worth about U.S$ 18 billion.

Orders during the Paris Air Show is the largest single transaction in the history of commercial aircraft orders.

Many parties order a new version of Airbus A320 type, because the new engine is more fuel efficient and inexpensive operation.

On Wednesday, Airbus also get big orders from the Indian company, Indigo, as many as 180 aircraft.

Airbus said the order from AirAsia - the low cost airlines from Malaysia - is the biggest buyer in a single order.

Overall AirAsia has ordered 375 aircraft from the A320 type, with 89 of them already in operation.

"With this historic agreement, AirAsia is able to meet the future growth in Asian markets," said Tony Fernandes, AirAsia's executive director.

Airbus who owned by EADS has been outpacing its rival, Boeing, on the number of orders during the Paris Air Show because of the high demand for fuel efficient planes.

Airbus has received 586 aircraft orders worth U.S$ 55.8 billion, with a tentative booking U.S.$ 29.5 billion.

The company of America, Boeing, only get 47 orders worth U.S.$ 7.5 billion with U.S.$ 14.9 billion more as a temporary order.