Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Garuda Indonesia Revenue Reach IDR 17 Trillion

In 2009, Garuda Indonesia had recorded revenues of IDR 17 trillion. This revenues increased approximately 3 percent compared to 2008. The Garuda Indonesia Finance Director, Eddy Porwanto said this achievement success was not separated from the success of Garuda Indonesia flew of 10 million passengers.

"There's increased revenue due to our revenue in 2008 is IDR 16 trillion. This year is estimated to rise again due to market trends is also quite good," Eddy said on delivery certificate of MURI Immigration service on Board of Garuda Indonesia in Jakarta, Tuesday (26 / 1 / 2010).

Although the balance of profit and loss have not finished audited yet, Eddy optimist the Garuda Indonesia net profit will achieve the target’s set. Some time ago President & CEO of Garuda Indonesia, Emirsyah Satar said their target revenues is 3 percent, but targeted of net profit still rose 20 percent. This can be achieved by doing cost-efficiency so cost can be suppressed.

Eddy Porwarnto added, in this 2010 Garuda Indonesia expects to spend U.S. $ 100 million for company capital expenditures. Until early 2010, Garuda Indonesia has been operating as many as 67 aircraft and until the end of 2010, there were eight fleet is projected to be brought back.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Mandala Air provide the Online Booking

In order to face the competition of flight passenger services, one of Indonesia airline company, Mandala Air has make a big leap in providing of real time online booking services.

It will much helps the passengers who far away from the Mandala Air office and has limited time but need the certainty of a seat on the plane on the day of departure. All of these query was answered by the Mandala Air management by developing of continuous and consistent in the online booking system which very efficient.

In addition, the increase in flight service is also done by keeping on schedule time flight departure and arrival of aircraft that have experienced a very good improvement. This is part of a large strategy of Mandala Air to be major players in the airline business in Indonesia.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Garuda Indonesia load factor 85 percent to Amsterdam

PT Garuda Indonesia is confident to achieve the target average of load factor 80 percent to 85 percent for Jakarta-Amsterdam route which opened on June 1, 2010. To be able to reach it, the state-owned airline company already started the promotional activities since the beginning of this year.

The Garuda Indonesia President Director, Emirsyah Satar said, the company has prepared a number of promotional activities associated with the opening of the flight route to Amsterdam.

"Garuda Indonesia to do promotions at the event in Utrecht Vacancie Bourse and Travel Mart in London earlier this year. So the market of this new route not only the passengers from the Netherland, but also throughout Europe," said Emirsyah.

Besides promotion in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, according to Emirsyah, next month Garuda Indonesia will also participate in a tourism exhibition held at the ITB Berlin Convention in Germany. "We are also working with big travel agents in Europe. So we dared to target average load factor 80 percent to 85 percent," he added.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Wings Air Open New Route to Eastern Indonesia


The airline company, Wings Air, which is affiliated with Lion Air, in early 2010 has added three new ATR 72-500 aircraft which operate officially opened by Minister of Transportation, Freddy Numberi.

"The support of international banks to finance the procurement of ATR 72-500 aircraft is an international confidence picture of Indonesia about investment in this country," said President Director of PT Lion Air Rusdi Kirana, in Jakarta.

Along with that, starting in January 2010, Wings Air also opened two new routes in eastern Indonesia region which will be operated by new ATR 72-500 aircraft capacity of 72 seats. The new route is the Ambon-Manokwari (return) and Manado-Melangguane (return).

New route Ambon-Manokwari planned to be operational starting on January 20, 2010 every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday with the frequency of flights twice a day. While new routes Melangguane Manado starting on January 22, 2010 every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday with a frequency of twice-daily flights.

In addition, the new ATR 72-500 aircraft will also increase frequency of flights serving on several other routes, such as the Fakfak, Sorong, Ternate, Kaimana, Nabire, Jayapura, and Ambon.

The opening of new routes and increase flight frequencies Wings Air routes are already there by using the new aircraft is intended to improve the services, especially the comfort and security of aviation, in addition to developing Wings Air markets and market share in the region of eastern Indonesia.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Indonesia’s Export Target Increase 10 Percent to Egypt

indonesia egypt export

Indonesia is targetting to increase the export value of 10% to Egypt this year. That's because the Indonesia and Egypt has agreed to increase bilateral trade and investment between the two countries on five industrial sectors, namely construction, textiles and textile products, automotive, fertilizer, and food processing. This presented by the Indonesia Minister of Trade Mari Elka Pangestu, after she received a visit from Egypt Minister of Trade and Industry Rachid Mohamed Rachid Egypt in Jakarta, Wednesday (13 / 1).

The meeting will also bring together 15 business delegates from Egypt for the construction industry, automotive, fertilizer, pharmaceuticals, furniture, food processing, and banking services. Increasing the export is one step of Indonesia to reach the Egyptian market. Moreover, Egypt will be entering a custom union between the United States with Saudi Arabia.

Projected increase in exports especially to increase on construction products and services.This is because Egypt is currently intensively accelerate construction projects in three major cities, one of which was in southern Cairo. Construction services will continue to be a primadonna because materials and furniture from Indonesia has good quality.

In addition, Mari Pangestu said, so far Egypt has been a strategic trade partner for Indonesia. Total trade in Indonesia and Egypt during the 2004-2008 period increased to 45.2%. In 2008, total trade between the two countries reached U.S. $ 1 billion. Indonesia's export value of U.S. $ 790.7 million and Indonesia’s import U.S. $ 210 million. For the period January-October 2009, total trade between the two countries amounted to U.S. $ 632.5 million. Details, the value of Indonesian exports recorded U.S. $ 555.1 million and imports worth U.S. $ 77.4 million.

Mari says, to boost the exports, the government will contribute to involve banks. Special banking especially for export sector in Egypt it will be holding Indonesian Export Financing Institutions to increase cooperation in the export transaction services. "So far, banks still become the largest export constraints. Until now, no specific banks that facilitate transactions Indonesian exports to Egypt," she said.

Rachid claimed optimistic prospects for increased trade between the two countries can be realized. Egypt also has agreed to increase investment and trade for the dominant sectors. So far, the main Egyptian exports to Indonesia are manufactured fertilizer, raw fertilizer, cotton, heavy machinery, and leather tonhed. Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Middle East and OKI Chamber of Indonesia Commerce and Industry, Fachry Thaib said through commitment of this bilateral trade cooperation, the Chamber of Commerce estimates that increased trade between the two countries will reach U.S. $ 2 billion in the next two years. The increase was due to Egypt have expressed interest in investing in Indonesia for the development and construction phosphate factory.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pertamina Lubricant Export Target 10 thousand kilo liter

Pertamina (Indonesia National Oil Company) increasingly the market penetration of lubricant which is now reaching 11 countries in the world. In 2010, Pertamina export target is around 10 thousand kilo liter (KL) of lubricant and lubricant base material (lube base oil type 3).

"We entered the export market by doing product marketing strategic alliances (co-branding) lubricants in foreign countries with capable / reputable companies. For this year we are targeting exports of 10 thousand KL," said Deputy Director of Marketing and Trading PT Pertamina (Persero) Hanung Budya, in Jakarta.

Until early 2010, Pertamina has been selling of lubricant to Taiwan, Myanmar, Singapore, Belgium, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Australia, and Thailand. Though its market share is still small, 3% -4% only, Hanung sure the potential of overseas markets still provide hope for the retail sector business development.

"In domestic market, we've led the market with 55%. This year we aim to increase to 57%," added Hanung.

In 2008, Pertamina lubricant supply reached 357.5 million liters, or approximately 55% of domestic lubricant market which reached 650 million liters. With 35 items  lubricant products, Pertamina meet the domestic needs of lubricant which reached 650,000 kiloliters (KL). On the other side of that period Pertamina successfully exported 357,000 liters.

Friday, January 8, 2010

2009, Lion Air Carrying Passenger At Most

lion air

Indonesia Department of Transportation records the number of domestic air passengers during 2009 around 39.29 million passengers. While the number of international passengers reached 4.37 million passengers.

Minister of Transportation, Freddy Numberi said, Lion Air as the airline which carrying passengers with the most amount of more than 15 million passengers. Freddy gives an appreciation of these achievements, due to on the 2008 Lion Air only carrying 9.147 million domestic passengers.

"Thus, growth in 2009 reached more than 50 percent. This growth is in line with the increase in the number of the airline fleet. Until December 2009, Lion Air had operate 45 aircraft for domestic routes. Including 30 aircraft Boeing 737-900ER," said Freddy.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Indonesia Exports Grow 5.1 Percent in 2010

The Indonesia government claimed optimistic exports in 2010 shown a positive growth. The reason is, the five Indonesia largest export markets are getting economic improvement.

Five countries are projected to experience positive economic growth in 2010 include the European Union, the United States, China, Japan, and India. In addition, the government also seeks to open new markets like the Middle East, Europe, and Russia.

"After experiencing a negative contraction in the year 2009, we expect exports will go to a positive growth in 2010," said Minister of Trade Mari Elka Pangestu in Jakarta. In addition to efforts to open new markets, commodity prices are expected to be stable in the year 2010 is also expected to push export revenues this year.

Indonesia's export growth has contracted to negative 15 percent. However, in line with world economic recovery, the Indonesian government dared to target export growth in 2010 at 5.1 percent level.

"The projection of economic growth and world trade in the positive range. So, we hope that Indonesia is also experienced," Mari Pangestu added.