Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pertamina Lubricant Export Target 10 thousand kilo liter

Pertamina (Indonesia National Oil Company) increasingly the market penetration of lubricant which is now reaching 11 countries in the world. In 2010, Pertamina export target is around 10 thousand kilo liter (KL) of lubricant and lubricant base material (lube base oil type 3).

"We entered the export market by doing product marketing strategic alliances (co-branding) lubricants in foreign countries with capable / reputable companies. For this year we are targeting exports of 10 thousand KL," said Deputy Director of Marketing and Trading PT Pertamina (Persero) Hanung Budya, in Jakarta.

Until early 2010, Pertamina has been selling of lubricant to Taiwan, Myanmar, Singapore, Belgium, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Australia, and Thailand. Though its market share is still small, 3% -4% only, Hanung sure the potential of overseas markets still provide hope for the retail sector business development.

"In domestic market, we've led the market with 55%. This year we aim to increase to 57%," added Hanung.

In 2008, Pertamina lubricant supply reached 357.5 million liters, or approximately 55% of domestic lubricant market which reached 650 million liters. With 35 items  lubricant products, Pertamina meet the domestic needs of lubricant which reached 650,000 kiloliters (KL). On the other side of that period Pertamina successfully exported 357,000 liters.