Sunday, May 22, 2011

The FIRST Indonesia GRAVING dock to serve vessel of 100,000 – 150,000 DWT

graving_dock_indonesia_100,000 DWT

A total of three national shipping company will build a graving dock or maintenance ship are which separate from port with a total investment of IDR 2.4 trillion. This graving dock will be the first in Indonesia that capable of serving vessels of 100,000 DWT to 150,000 DWT.

Director General of Industry Leading High Technology-Based Industry Ministry Budi Darmadi said the three companies that plan to build a graving dock is Arpeni Group, Daya Radar Utama Group and Dok Kodja Bahari Group. Currently, the construction of facilities that are entering the process of land clearing. "Its construction will be completed within the next three years," said Budi.

Budi said Arpeni Group and Daya Kodja Bahari will built in graving dock in Batam. Meanwhile, Daya Radar Utama will build in Lamongan. They will build a graving dock that can accommodate vessels with a capacity of 100,000 DWT to 150,000 DWT. So far, the current graving dock is only capable of serving vessels up to 50,000 DWT.

Graving dock also prepared as the embryo of shipyard construction of LNG carriers in Indonesia, about 5 years. In preparation, the government is preparing experts to prepare a shipyard building LNG carriers in the country. "The government is sending about 100 experts for a year to countries that already possessed the technology such as South Korea and China," said Budi.

Meanwhile, Secretary of the Company PT Pertamina, Hari Karyuliarto said graving dock construction project has an important role if it is prepared to be a shipyard LNG carrier. "Mastery of the LNG carrier vessel technology must begin with the construction of graving dock facility," said Hari.

But according to the government step by sending experts to China or South Korea to build graving dock will not help efforts to master the technology of LNG carrier vessel. Government should emulate the Chinese who built the dry dock specialized LNG vessels and bring experts into their country, so transfer of technology will occur.