Saturday, May 28, 2011

P & G plans to build CPO factory in INDONESIA

Consumer goods company, Procter & Gamble Home Products (P & G) target the derivative products of crude palm oil (CPO) from Indonesia. Companies from the United States requires one derivative products ie, fatty alcohol of 200,000 tons per year within ten years into the future. It was announced by representatives of P & G now meet with the Ministry of Industry, MS Hidayat, Monday (23 / 5).

P & G representatives who meet MS Hidayat is Jeffrey Alan Clayton from P & G Chemical, Soumitra Banarjee and David Kiu from P & G Asia, and Bambang Sumaryanto from P & G Indonesia. The increase in fatty alcohol needs of P &  G is because the growth of their customers who continue to rise to 5 billion consumers.

Not only the fatty alcohol, P & G also sought the supply of fatty acids and vegetable oil. But, to meet the needs of their raw materials, P & G asked for a guarantee of sustainable certification. If the raw material is derived from CPO, P & G requested any certification requirements roundtable on sustainable palm oil (RSPO). "We are committed to develop business and open new investment opportunities," said External Relations Director of P & G Indonesia, Bambang Sumaryanto, on the sidelines of the meeting with Minister of Industry, on Monday (23 / 5).

P & G Indonesia is currently preparing an investment fund of U.S. $ 100 million for construction of a factory in Indonesia. Investment fund for a period of 3 years. These investments would be enhanced if they find potential new investments especially for the fulfillment of raw material supply.

On that occasion, Minister of Industry, MS Hidayat confirms P & G plans to invest in Indonesia. He said P & G will build the building industry which will supply the raw material sources for their existing industry worldwide. Indonesia targeted because of its position as the largest CPO producer in the world. "They want to build a permanent supply," said Hidayat.

Hidayat said, has prepared a special industrial area for downstream palm oil products, namely in Sei Mankei, North Sumatra. "I offer a P & G in collaboration with PTPN III or the private sector to develop downstream oleo chemicals," said Hidayat.