Thursday, January 27, 2011

Indonesian CPO Exports value reached US$ 16.4 Billion in 2010


Throughout 2010, export value of Indonesia crude palm oil and palm oil derivative products reached US$ 16.4 billion, up 50% over 2009, which amounted to US$ 10 billion. This increase was due to the high international price of CPO. This was conveyed by the Executive Director of the Indonesian Palm Oil Association (Gapki), Fadhil Hasan.

"In the first quarter, CPO export value of U.S. $ 2.66 billion was subsequently increased to US$ 3.04 billion in the second quarter. Next in the third quarter, the export value of US$ 4.46 billion, which jumped more sharply to around US$ 6.32 billion in the fourth quarter, "said Fadhil.

Based on Gapki’s data, during January-December 2010 Indonesia's CPO export volume rose slightly by 127,498 tones or be 15,656,349 tons, compared to the previous year which amounted to 15,528,851 tons.

National CPO export growth driven increase in the number of purchases by the three major consumer namely India, China, and the European Union. "In 2010, total exports of CPO and its derivatives to India as much as 5,793,077 tons, which increased from 2009 amounted to 5,630,199 tons," said Fadhil.

India to import more palm oil up to 4,498,365 tons, followed by as much as 861,944 tonnes of RBD Olein, Crude Olein totaled 135,002 tons, Palm Fatty Acid Distillate (PFAD) amounted to 95,631 tonnes, RBD Palm Oil (PO) amounted to 63,012 tons, 74,120 tons of RBD Stearin and amounted to 11,000 tonnes of Crude Stearin.

Meanwhile, European Union countries to increase the amount of the purchase of CPO and its derivatives from Indonesia amounted to 3,728,677 tons. Same with India, the European Union buying more palm oil as much as 2,537,431 tons, 426,673 tons of RBD Stearin, RBD PO totaled 314,364 tons, amounting to 293,437 tons of RBD Olein, PFAD totaled 148,069 tons, Crude Olein as much as 8,000 tons and 700 tons of Crude Stearin.

"China is importing crude palm oil and its derivatives from Indonesia amounted to 2,410,337 tons, in which the largest import of RBD Olein products amounted to 1,491,948 tons. Furthermore, amounting to 632,312 tons of RBD Stearin, crude palm oil amounted to 231,617 tons, PFAD reached 46,458 tons, and as many as RBD PO 8,000 tons, "said Fadhil.

Then, Bangladesh buying palm oil and derived products from Indonesia amounted to 629,529 tons, USA import 172,167 tons of CPO and its derivatives from Indonesia.

While Pakistan imported 87,379 tons of CPO and its derivatives are down dramatically from last year, because of delays in completion of Preferential Trade Agreement (PTA) Indonesia-Pakistan. There is also, exports of Indonesian palm oil and derived products to other countries amounted to 2,889,182 tons.

For information, the total exports of 15.6 million tons was still dominated exports of Crude Palm Oil (CPO), which reached 8,779,940 tons (56.2%) and the remaining derivative products amounted to 6,876,405 tons (43.8%).

"Based on these data, Gapki noted that world demand is still focused on crude palm oil products rather than the derivatives. This can be seen from India and the EU demand that the CPO world's largest market," said Fadhil.

From the export volumes of derivative products, the amount of exports are more RBD Olein form which amounted to 3,565,096 tons (51.8%), followed by RBD Stearin totaled 1,435,145 tons (20.8%), RBD Palm Oil, amounted to 884,726 tons (12 , 8%), Crude Olein as much as 587,778 tons (8.5%), amounting to 382,459 tons PFAD (5.5%) and amounted to 21,201 tons of crude stearin (0.6%).