Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Export of CPO to India is increasing

Export of CPO (Crude Palm Oil) to India through the port of Belawan (North Sumatera, Indonesia) is increasing after the trade deals was signed between ASEAN and India a few weeks ago. Data from the office of One-Stop Service Center (PPSA) Pelindo I Belawan Branch, Monday (31 / 8), states, of the five ships which loaded of CPO at bulk liquid jetty Ujungbaru Belawan in the past week, three of the ships is going to India and two other ships is to New York, USA and Rotterdam Netherlands.

Three ship which carrying the North Sumatra main commodity which sailed to India destination, namely MT Woqoof E Arapat, Panamanian flagged, load of 6,030 tonnes of CPO, MT Global Saturn Panamanian flagged,  load of  7,000 MT tons of CPO and Da Qing 761, Panamanian flagged also load of 3,822 tonnes of CPO.

Two other vessel had left yesterday from Belawan each carrying 4,000 tons of CPO with destination New York with tanker MT Golden Charlotte Panamian flagged and MT Merin Trader Panama Liberia flagged which carrying 24,000 tons of CPO with destination to CPO world trade center, Rotterdam Netherlands.

Previously, the Board of Trustees Joint Indonesian Palm Oil Entrepreneurs (GAPKI), Derom Bangun, estimate the CPO exports to India rose around 5-10% after the signing of the ASEAN free trade agreement and India. Previously, total CPO exports from Indonesia to India as many as 2.5 million tons per year. "Increased demand for palm oil to India because the country was recovering from global crisis and requires as many as 12 million tons of oil meal both soybean oil and palm oil, due to high domestic consumption. Meanwhile, India's domestic production is only range from five to six million tons.