Monday, August 31, 2009

Susi Air serve Jakarta-Pangandaran route


The airline company Susi Air, officially to serve the public passenger flight from Jakarta to Pangandaran and Bandung to Pangandaran in Ciamis regency, West Java. President and CEO of Susi Air, Susi Pudjiastuti, in the inauguration of prime Susi Air flight in Pangandaran, Saturday (29/8), said that her airline services as an effort to support public by air transportation facilities. Operation of the aircraft Susi Air is the initiative by Susi Pudjiastutti as a native of Pangandaran area, as well as the aircraft owners and capital. She hopes to help increase the variety of potential areas of Pangandaran and surrounding areas better.

"The aircraft will facilitate and accelerate to travel from Jakarta to Pangandaran which only takes an hour," she said. The operational of Susi Air is the answer to people's expectations of Pangandaran and aslo the local and foreign tourists who want to use air transportation from Jakarta and Bandung to Pangandaran. She considered Pangandaran area has enough potential to attract tourism to enjoy by local and foreign tourists so that the existence of Susi Air aircraft have easy means of transport by plane. "Many are expecting a special flight to Pangandaran, aslo from Pangandaran to Bandung and Jakarta," she said.

Susi Air use the Cessna Grand Caravan aircraft type - a new type in Indonesia - with a capacity of 12 people, including the pilot. Operation since June 2009, Susi Air has recruited two foreign pilots who are well trained and experienced. The aircraft is operated only one unit with two times every day and departure from Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport, Jakarta, to Husein Sastranegara, Bandung, and the Nusa  Wiru Airport in Pangandaran.

Flight schedules Jakarta, Bandung to Pangandaran at 10:10, stopped in Bandung at around 10:40 and arrive in Pangandaran at about 11:40, the second flight departure from Jakarta to Pangandaran 16:20, and arrived in Pangandaran at 17:20. From Pangandaran, flight leaves at 06.00, arrived in Jakarta at about 07.00. The second fligh departure from Pangandaran at 11:50, stopped in Bandung at around 12:20 and arrive in Jakarta at about 13:30. The tickets price from Jakarta to Pangandaran IDR 600,000, Jakarta to Bandung IDR 300,000, and Pangandaran to Bandung IDR 350,000 per passenger.

Susi Air flights also serve Cilacap to Jakarta with a ticket price of IDR 675,000 per  passenger. For time being ticket reservations can only be done while at the airport, but the plan could be done by ordering online. "Yes to the future we will serve the best including the ease of booking online in a way," said Susi