Sunday, August 16, 2009

Export value of coffee is decline


Export value of coffee is believed to be on the decline this year as exporters began to reduce the volume of commodity exports to a number of countries. "Although the foreign market demand of Indonesia coffee does not go down significantly, we still reduce the volume," said the manager of PT Industri Hilir Perkebunan Nusantara XII (Persero), Setyo Wuryanto, when reviewing the readiness of the coffee house, at Surabaya.

Reduction in the volume of coffee export is aimed so that the needs of the domestic market remain awake. "The effort is one of our company business strategy. During this time, we always focus to overseas markets, now we are trying to optimize the domestic market," Setyo Wuryanto said. About the decline in export value, he predicts, future contribution to export could reach 50 percent. Before focus to the domestic market, export contribution omzet enough to dominate up to 90 percent. "Last year, the export volume of Arabica coffee from our company is 3500 tons and 4000 tons of Robusta coffee," he said.

At that time, the country's main export coffee from Indonesia is to the European region include Germany and the Netherlands. Besides that, the demand for coffee by the national society in Latin America and Asia  Continent are also large.  "Demand for the type of coffee in each country is almost the same. From the total volume of coffee that is sent, they are often booked 50 percent of arabica coffee and 50 percent more Robusta coffee," Setyo Wuryanto said.

Coffee prices related to the end of the year, Setyo estimates, the coffe prices are stable. Currently, the international price of arabica coffee is US$ 4.3/kg and Robusta coffee US$ 2.8/kg. "While in the domestic, the price of Arabica coffee in the stable position IDR. 44,000.00 per kilogram and Robusta coffee IDR. 28,000.00 per kilogram," he said.