Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Coffee exporters complain, the USA buyer directly buying from coffee farmers.


The Indonesia's coffee exporters feel disapointed due to the buyers from United States of America (USA),  cut the distribution channels when purchase coffee from Indonesia. "At this time most of the buyer from the USA. prefer to purchase coffee directly to the company's coffee plantations," said Rachim Kartabrata, Executive Secretary Association of Indonesian Coffee Exporters (AEKI), Monday (2/2/209).

In fact, all this time the coffee distribution from Indonesia to the USA should through a third person or distributor who had clasiffied as a Registered Exporter. Exporters also ask the government to set up of buy-selling coffee mechanisms. Exporters asked the government to urged the USA importer to follow the Ministry of Trade Regulations (Permendag) Number 27 Year 2008 about Export Coffee Regulations.

These rules require that the export of coffee only through the company that has been recognized as a Registered Exporter Coffee (Coffee-ET). This regulation is apply to all types of coffee, including Arabica and Robusta coffee.

Currently, the price level in the coffee farmers around IDR 13,000 per kg. Meanwhile, the current price of Robusta coffee in the domestic market is IDR 20,000 per kg, and the price of Arabica coffee around IDR 27,000 per kg. Instead of to meet the exporters inquiry, the Department of Trade even quibble the exporters should assist the U.S. buyers when buying coffee from farmers.

According to the Export Director of Agriculture Ministry of Trade and Plantations Yamanah AC, the government does not prohibit the mechanism purchasing by coffee buyers from abroad directly to the farmers. "Perhaps the purchase need to  accompanied by the registered exporter, if it can," said Yamanah. Furthermore, the direct purchase is benefit to the farmers.

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