Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Singapore Airline reduced the flights route


Singapore Airlines on their performance report, on Wednesday (11/2/2009), say, until the third quarter last year, they still has a fleet of 101 aircraft. The fleet is consist of 14 aircraft B747-400, 76 aircraft B777, five A340-500 aircraft and six A380-800 aircraft, with an average aircraft age of six years five months.

However, the global economic crisis impact the buying power of the customers, therefore the airline has to reduce and even negate the route service. Flying flights to Manchester, Athens, Osaka, Seoul, Chennai, Bangalore, Penang, and Ho Chi Minh City has been reduced in that quarter. Since February 2009, flights to Amritsar has been abolished.

Meanwhile, the four times a week flight to Riyadh which passing through Dubai has launched on 14 December 2008. Then, the flight to Kuwait through Abu Dhabi will begin on 15 March 2009. Singapore Airlines will also add flights to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Cairo, and Istanbul.