Wednesday, February 18, 2009

U.S protection will not (too) affect the Indonesia Export

Sri Mulyani

Coordinating Minister for Economy Sri Mulyani said the protection that the U.S. government apply will not affect the Indonesia export.
"We are more export on the goods of primary consumption, so may not be too influential," said Sri Mulyani in Jakarta Office of the President, on Monday (16/2/2009).
Related to the protection by the U.S., she said that all countries in general behave like that.
"All countries will do the same, on the current declining of economic growth, political pressure is usually practice to secure the domestic product," she said.
However, she continued, if all countries do (the protection), it will aggravate the financial crisis because all countries do not trade each other and then the world economy weakened.
"So Indonesia still use the protection, but still lead the flow of the trade," she said.
Sri Mulyani accompanying President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono when receive the President of Asian Development Bank (ADB) Haruhiko Kuroda on the preparatory meeting to the annual ADB-42 in Bali, 2-5 May 2009.