Friday, February 20, 2009

Indonesian Still Lack 80 Million of Palm Oil Seeds

Oil Palm Seed

In connection with development of palm oil plantations, Indonesia is still short of about 80 million stalks of palm oil seedlings. Although considered the current stock safe enough, but the production ability of excellent oil palm seed still lacking. Government is planning to open the import superior oil palm seedlings for big plantation companies.
Darmansyah Basyaruddin, Director of Seedling and Production  Facilities Directorate General of Agriculture Ministry of Agriculture,  on destruction of illegal oil palm seedlings in the Lee U Village, Darul Imarah Subdistrict, Aceh Besar regency, on Tuesday (17/2), said, even though the number of seed production palm oil is still less, for the year 2009 this production capability is considered safe enough.
Darmansyah explain, eight units implementing technical and oil palm companies in Indonesia has potential to produce approximately 230 million oil palm seeds every year, equivalent to the development of oil palm plantations covering 1.1 million hectares.
However, according to Darmansyah, until now, every year the above companies,  only able to produce about 150-160 million seedlings of oil palm plantation superior. "Indonesia still lack quite a lot. But, we assess the seed supply conditions safe enough," he said.