Monday, February 16, 2009

Citilink open a new flight route : Surabaya-Makassar


The local airline company, Citilink optimistic the inaugural flight Surabaya-Makassar on Sunday (15/2/), will reach the passenger load factor level  100 percent of the 170 seats offered. "We believe the target load factor will be 100 percent filled. Moreover, Makassar has the potential of growing business and generally become a tourist destinations," said the Head of Sales Citilink Surabaya, Mochamad Helmy, in Surabaya, Friday (13/2).  By opening this flight route, Makassar expected be a center for passengers who want to have business in the vicinity of Makassar, such as Gorontalo, Manado, and Kendari. "Targetted of the passenger flight to Makassar are the businessman, professionals, students, and families," he said.

According to Helmy, this new route will be supported by 1 unit of the type of aircraft Boeing 737-400 with 170 seats. The flight frequency of once a day. Flight schedule is every 15:35 WIB with transit time about one hour 10 minutes. Then, departing again from Surabaya to Makassar every 18:35 WITA.  "Up to three months onwards, we give the promo fare of IDR 99,000.00 + + per seats or the net price is IDR 150,000 per seat. The normal condition in the benchmark price is IDR 250,000 - IDR 300,000 per seat. However, during the holiday can charge up to IDR 600,000, "he said.

In the promo price for these new routes, a quota of passengers to enjoy the promotion is expected to achieve 20 percent of seat capacity. While the remaining 80 percent of the capacity of seats will be sold at normal price.  This is considering we apply the limited quota seats during the promotion. In fact, during February to March we are free up the cost of  luggage up to 20 kilograms. When more than 20 kgs, will apply normal rates IDR 5,000 per kg, said Helmy.

Vice President of Citilink, Joseph A Saul, said, during the years 2008 Citilink has six new flight routes : Surabaya-Jakarta, Surabaya - Balikpapan, Surabaya - Banjarmasin, Surabaya - Batam, Surabaya - Ampenan, Surabaya - Kupang. "Since re-operate on 1 September 2008 until the end of the year, this company has 100,000 passengers fly," said Saul.