Thursday, August 13, 2009

Goverment will process of 40 ports license in Batam


Directorate General of Sea Transportation Department of Transportation, ensure the 40 special port or a special terminal that was built and managed by the private sector in Batam, Riau Islands Province, will get the permission in this year.

"Now the permission is in the process, hopefully all permits will be out this year as well," said Secretary of Directorate General of Sea Transportation, Bobby R. Mamahit.

The management of ports is given for three months due to the licensing. If the time limit specified the permit does not take yet, the Department of Transportation will close the port. "The validity time until next October, " said Bobby.

The existence of the port without license was disclosed by the Director General of Sea Transportation, Sunaryo at meetings related to the supervision of the special port or special terminal in Batam, some time ago. This invention is the result of the Directorate General of Sea Transportation in mapping the existence of a special port in Batam. Sunaryo also directly order the entire all port organizer to immediately submit a permit. With assurance, will act firmly if there were parties from his Department cause difficulties the licensing process.

Previously, 40 of 90 ports that most companies built by shipyard industry is operating without permission. While the port is authorized only as many as 30 ports, 20 ports and the rest are still in the process of licensing.