Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Indonesia airlines company should increase the flight safety

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The Indonesia national airline companies starting to anxious and should increase their level of flight safety, due to The Ministry of Transportation will update the safety standard categorization. When the new categorization has been made, the airline company who only have barely enough the safety standards could degradation into the lower categorization.

According to Director of Airworthiness and Aircraft Operation, Yurlis Hasibuan, categorization is done to pursue the target ratio of flight safety. Two years ago the accident ratio is 3.7 than 1 million flights, while this year accident is successful revealed to  2.7 accidents than 1 million flights.  "In five years, we want the accident ratio decrease become a 0.8 than 1 million flights, "said Yurlis in Jakarta on Tuesday (11 / 8).

To achieve these targets, he said, there must be improvement of categorization flight safety. Standard will emphasized on management safety. Companies must fully implement the safety management very well. "Formerly, safety management has been implemented, but does not too focus, because there interference by European Union (EU) to press the number of accidents, so its focus emphasis on the accident, "Yurlis Hasibuan said.

For the new categorization, there will be diversification between big airlines and small airlines. This is because the airlines who has big fleet and large number of flights that typically have more accidents. "But if the ratio is calculated not mean they have more accidents," he said. This month the Ministry of Transportation will gather all airlines companies to ask for consideration on the implementation of new rules categorization. "We will also ask whether they want or not this policy is retroactive. If they objection there would  be a consequence, related to safety," said Yurlis Hasibuan.