Wednesday, August 19, 2009

European economy improved, lifted Indonesia export performance

Indonesia government delighted to welcome the reports of economic growth that some European countries shown a positive start on the second quarter of 2009. If this trend continues, the government is optimistic able to push up export performance next year. "Due to global growth starting to rise," said Head of the Department of Finance Fiscal Policy, Anggito Abimanyu.

The Indonesia government, Anggito said, will continue to monitor the global economic phenomenon. Federal Officer of Market Committee said that the crisis of the worst has passed. Second quarter economic performance of some countries in 2009 also began to show positive growth, such as Germany, France, and Japan. "This is a positive signal that is expected to continue in the next quarter," said Anggito.

Moreover, he reminds, the consensus at this time estimate the global economic recovery began to occur in the third quarter of this year (2009). According to him, other than the impact on exports, improving the world economy is expected to be pumping investment flow to developing countries. Anggito acknowledge that the U.S. deficit which reached 10 billion dollars is still threatening capital flow reversal. "But it compensated by European growth which positive," he said.