Sunday, August 2, 2009

Indonesia potentially become a global corn exporter.


Indonesia potentially become a global exporter of corn, together with other corn countries other in the world in five years.

"If we reach the production target to forthcoming year 2014, then we can fill the world corn," said Secretary General of the National Corn Council, Maxdeyul Sola in Corn and Soybean Symposium in Jakarta. Symposium that was attended by a number of professional organizations and the field of plantation agriculture is the theme of "feel the word" self-sufficient to a competitive and sustainable and encourage products to be excellent pre-eminent world.

According to Sola, since Indonesia became self-sufficient corn country in 2008 with the production amount of 16.3 million tons, the export opportunities more open  in 2009. Indonesian Corn Board estimate corin production in 2009 reached 17.1 million tons. That means the potential for export could reach 1.1 million tons of corn from the national needs of 16.3 million tons only.

One of the reason improving of corn domestic production, because it is supported with the type of hybrid corn seeds. The distribution corn hybrid type, according to Sola has reached 45% of the total area of corn. Until May 2009 there were already 111 varieties of corn. Corn production in 2014 estimate could reach 32 up to 34 million tons or up approximately 80% of production in 2008. Increasing of the  production is done by using 20% of the area changed in 2008 with hybrid hybrid super time in four years.

If production is reached, the export potential of maize in the year 2014 Sola said, could reach 50% of the needs of maize in the country that is 16.3 million tons. World corn production according to Indonesia Corn Board as 612.5 million tons. United States still control the production reached 256.9 million tons following a China that is 114 million tons. Differences in production of corn-producing country is one of the advantages of production because they have reached 8 tons per hectares. While Indonesia is still very low 3.7 tons per hectares.