Monday, September 7, 2009

Singatoba Coffeee was launced at Nespresso Café, Prague

Singatoba coffee which origin from Batak (North Sumatra, Indonesia) was launched in the Czech Republic by Nespresso. Located at Nespresso Café, Prague, Thursday (3 / 9), the launch was attended by a number of coffee journalists in print and electronic media as well as coffee lovers.

Launch of coffee was opened by Josef Voltr, Nespresso Café manager. On that occasion represented by Indonesia Embassy Prague Nurwahyudi Azis, Executive Function Pensosbudpar, in his speech said that coffee is one of Indonesia's superior products competitive with products from other countries.

To further reassure coffee lovers and journalists were present, Petr Simecek, Czech residents who ever visited Indonesia told about his recounts adventures in coffee plantations in Sumatra, where coffee beans came from.

While Michaela Illikova, a coffee expert, explains the way how Singatoba coffee harvest to the manufacturing process is not only typical but also unique. These coffee beans are harvested only by women, placed in wicker baskets, washed, then dried in the sun. Besides coffee beans are also processed through fermentation without air. Nespresso party provides a unique name for coffee that is inspired by Singatoba ornate existing in people's homes in the area around Lake Toba. Ornament that became a symbol of all that coffee that is produced by Nestle.

According to Azis Nurwahyudi, Singatoba coffee which sold a pack of about IDR 250,000, tasted became more enjoyable because at the launch of Nespresso Café provides various Indonesian dishes like Nasi Goreng, Siomay Bandung, Gado-Gado, and Tempe. Over coffee and a cinnamon-scented fruit, continued Nurwahyudi Azis, the invitation was also entertained with Cendrawasih dance performances and exhibitions of various typical Indonesian handicrafts.