Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tanjung Priok Customs defeat of illegal import worth IDR 1,8 billion


Customs Main Services Office Tanjung Priok, Jakarta  successfully managed to hold one container containing of computer equipment worth IDR 547.802.550. And aslo one container of various liquor brands with a value of IDR 1, 3 billion.

Total of money state that could saved is around IDR 1, 8 billion. It was said by Director General of Indonesia Customs, Supriyadi Anwar, who was accompanied by the Head Office of Customs Main Services Tanjung Priok, Rahmat Subagyo, and the Director of Customs Prosecution and Investigation, Sugijata Thomas, at the press conference in Jakarta, Wednesday (9 / 9).

Anwar said, the efforts of illegal export one container of 40 feet with a computer LCD monitor, CPU casing, CD Rom, power supply in damaged condition, which will be exported to Korea. "The modus is by misusing facilities of bonded zone. They were told the number and condition of the goods that are not in accordance with actual conditions of export. Allegedly these efforts to obtain restitution for carrying exports from bonded zones," said Anwar.

Anwar said the goods that came into the bonded zones is free of import duties. But should not be sold domestically. Computer equipment should be reconditioned and sold outside Indonesia. Reconditioning of the goods allegedly exported should be sold in the country that ultimately disrupt the local computer products.

"This is still of our investigation stage with the initials suspect is SD who was Director of Operations of PT PIT, suspects have been detained in the detention center of DJBC headquarters," said Anwar.

Meanwhile, the Director Customs of Prosecution and Investigation, Sugijata Thomas added, they also managed to hold one 20 feet container sizes for the importation of alcoholic beverages which announced as Concentrated Juice Assorted and was imported by PT IBT since early June 2009 until September 2009. "After the inspection, found 1331 cartons of alcoholic drinks and different types of brands. The potential losses to the state of import duties, excise and import taxes are estimated IDR 1, 3 billion," said Thomas.