Saturday, October 4, 2008

Many Container Detained in Singapore During Idul Fitri Holiday

Entering the harbor at Jakarta 2-23-2008 1-13-37 AMIndonesia port managers should be cautious of stagnation in some Indonesia sea/container ports due to most of container trucks/trailer do not operating from H-4 up to H+1 of Idul Fitri 1429.

Based on the information from the Board of Sea Transportation Service Indonesia (Depalindo), many cargoes are detained in Singapore Port and waiting for activities of several seaports in Indonesia back to normal, especially in Tanjung Priok, Jakarta. These goods are detained in Singapore and will send by feeder v essel upon operation in Tanjung Priok, Jakarta back to full operation.

Total density in Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) and Koja Container  Port (both in Jakarta) can reach 1-2 weeks and impact of the stagnation due to the long holiday can reach three months.

In normal conditions only four vessel do the loading and unloading at Tanjung Priok, but in high density condition, can be reached six vessel. One vessel can carry 2,000 container so if six vessel load and unloading in a day of course, the container yard can be full.  Stagnation in the port occurs when the level of yards occupancy ratio above the 70 percent threshold.

One of key factor to reduce the sea port stagnation is to operate the trailer without delay right after H+1 of Idul Fitri. Trucks container are expected to haulage the container immediately from container yard to some temporary container yard or factories in various places.

The effect of prohibiting trucks operate during Idul Fitri have been criticized, especially in point of the port that is not used during the long holiday.