Thursday, October 23, 2008

40 Cargo Companies no longer operate in Semarang

Blenduk Churck at Semarang.Around 40 cargo companies or freight forwarder companies from a total of 212 company members and Forwarder Joint Expedition of Indonesia (GAFEKSI) Region, Central Java has no longer operate due to the decline of export and import transactions that is the impact of the global financial crisis.

According to Soejanto - Chairman of GAFEKSI Region Central Java, the decreasing of export-import transactions has impact the volume transportation of cargo company by exceeded 50 percent down.

The global financial crisis make the purchasing capacity of foreign markets are weaken and as a result many of the the export transactions has been delay or cancell, especially from Indonesia to the United States and some European countries. "Many orders for the export of goods that was already done eventually delayed signing the contract and then stored in the warehouse," said Soejanto.

For example, one of the exporter company PT Makmur Trigita is  also experienced in decrease in the volume of transport for both export and import of 300 containers per month into only 50-60 container in the last one month.

Abdul Aziz, Director of PT Indo Samudera Perkasa - a furniture transportation company - said the transpotation volume of his company has down half from 10-15 container for export and 20-30 for import in a month.

Facing this unstable situation, many of the exporters are attempting to overcome the global crisis by searching the new market other than the U.S. and Europe. They will focus on the domestic market.

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