Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tin Sand Exported Be Defeated

NorthportAround 30 containers containing of tin sand which ready to export being defeated by the Indonesia Directorate General of Customs and Excise. These tin sand are planning to export to China and Malaysia and may losses tax around of Rp 27,648 billion.

The export of tin sand mixed with natural sand has been detention for at least in the last three months. However, this new case can be published by given the arrest of suspects takes time. The sand tin is imported from Bangka, Ketapang, and Surabaya and gathered in Jakarta then exported with the camouflage of various documents

Based on intelligence activities of Indonesia Directorate General of Customs and Excise and the Office of General Services (KPU) BC Type A Tanjung Priok, the 30 containers are sent by using three export goods notification (PEB) documents separately.

The first export is planning to export by CV LA using MV Reflection Voy N067 of 15 containers - around 384 metric tons - and consign to Fuzhou Shengsheng Mining Industry Co. Ltd., Fujian, China.

Then, BC is also holding 10 container tin sand - around 200 metric tons - will be exported by CV IB on MV Cape Norman Voy 8007 and consign to LSK Enterprise Sdn Bhd, Perak, Malaysia.

The last 5 containers tin sand - around 120 metric tons - is planning to export by PT LMI  on Barent Strait Voy 816N and consign to Maoming Kaisheng Development Co. Ltd., China.

According to Director of Technical Directorate General of custom BC Kuswandono Agung said, sand tin and natural sand is a type of goods that are prohibited to be exported. "It was tested at the Central Testing and Identification of Goods, Jakarta, and the laboratory of PT Timah Tbk," said Agung.

In addition to holding sand tin, the Directorate General is also holding 170 BC packaging contains various Chinese products, ranging from toy dog bone, textiles, garment, to the electronic equipment.

In fact, there is also a packaging of falsified import documents. When opened, only the box containing drinks, but the inside contains thousands of canned beer.

Anwar emphasized, the Directorate General BC restrict the possibility of the influx of imported products from countries that lost the market in the United States.

Mode of smuggling more varied. Textiles, for example. These Chinese products are imported from Port Klang, Malaysia to Kuching. Then, go to Pontianak via land and sent through the inter-port.

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