Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cocoa Exports From North Sumatera Rose 104%

CocoaBean01It seems the North Sumatera cocoa exporters  continue to increase their export due to cocoa price  in the international market is estimated to continue to rise, which is about U.S. $ 2,588 per ton. The impact of this as a decreasing supply of cocoa, due to some countries and producers to decrease the  production. A decrease in production in other producer countries such as Ivory Coast have occurred since November 2007 and since then exports from Indonesia, including North Sumatra, have increased significantly.

A decline of cocoa production is caused not only a conflict in Ivory Coast country, but also pest attacks in the South Sulawesi. South Sulawesi is the region's largest cocoa producer in Indonesia, as one of the country's main cocoa producer. Based on data of the Certificate of Origin, during the January-August 2008 cocoa exports from North Sumater has reached U.S. $ 50,99 million, or an increase of 104.31% compared to the achievement of the year 2007 in the same period worth U.S. $ 24, 96 million. In addition, the volume of cocoa exports also increased 63,42%. That is up from the previous 14,196.96 tons in January-August 2007, became 23,300.89 tons in the same period in 2008.

Leap of cocoa inquiry - which have high demand - pushing the price of cocoa in the New York Commodity Exchange (NYCE), United States, moving up. Based on the data of the Indonesian Bureau of Commodity Trade, the cocoa price in the NYCE currently reached U.S. $ 2588/ton, while in the spot market in Makasar cocoa price is DR 22,283/kg.

The price of cocoa will be even higher if the supply of this crisis continues, as cocoa considering in many countries have been utilizing cocoa for  commodities other than food.