Monday, September 27, 2010

AirAsia : “No Fuel Surcharge”


The airline company, AirAsia still want to strengthen the implementation of the policy of no fuel surcharge, although other airlines company intend to increase their fuel surcharge as world crude oil prices is increasing. The largest low cost airline cheap in Asia is committed to continue providing affordable tickets for all level.

"AirAsia not impose fuel surcharge in November 2008 and we have no intention to enforce back," said Dharmadi, President Director of Indonesia AirAsia. "Strong sales of our seats and additional revenue to address the growing problem of rising fuel prices. We continue to innovate to help reduce costs and ongoing development of various strategies to increase revenues," said Dharmadi.

Dharmadi  emphasized, increasing the fuel surcharge may be the easiest solution. However, the benefits are temporary. AirAsia also receive additional revenue from its products, such as luggage Supersize, AirAsia Insure, AirAsiaGo, AirAsia Courier, Pick a Seat, and AirAsia Megastores.