Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wings Air and Lion Air operate 5 new routes

The airline company Lion Air and Wings Air will operating five new routes to Bali, Nusa Tenggara, and Kalimantan began earlier this month.

According to General Director of Lion Air, Edward Sirait, Wings Air is to operate four new routes, Semarang - Denpasar, Denpasar - Mataram, Denpasar - Tambolaka, and Denpasar-Bima. While the Lion Air, will add one new route, Surabaya - Palangkaraya. Wings Air will use the new aircraft ATR72-500 (propeller) with a capacity of about 72 seats for this five new routes. Meanwhile, Lion Air flights to Palangkaraya for time being served with Boeing 737-400 jets.

"The route Semarang – Denpasar and Denpasar - Mataram served by Wings Air started operating since September 6, 2010. The route was flown twice in one day," Edward Sirait said. The route Denpasar - Tambolaka served four times a week, on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. While the Wings Air route from Denpasar to Bima served three times a week, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Lion Air's new route from Surabaya to Palangkaraya done once a day, starting Tuesday (Sept 7, 2010). Semarang - Denpasar flight was operated by the transit in Surabaya before, will be increased flight frequency of once daily.

"Lion Air and Wings Air in synergy continues to develop services for the domestic flight and international operations. But for now the market development will concentrate on domestic flights to meet the domestic air transportation market which is still quite large in the entire archipelago," said Edward.

In addition to increasing revenue and expanding markets, development of flight operations into the eastern region of Indonesia such as Bali, Sulawesi Tenggara, and Kalimantan, he said, was intended as an effort to encourage economic growth in the region. In addition, with the opening of new routes, it is expected the tourism sector in these areas will continue to rise.

Edward predicted, the load factor or the level of passenger plane filled five new routes will reach 90% with passengers from all segments of the target. Development of flight operating new routes are also planned with the addition of the frequency of flights to increase the capacity of the aircraft. That, he said, made possible because of the increasing new fleet of jet and propeller both owned airlines.