Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mandala Airlines threatened degraded

mandala airlines

Ministry of Transportation requested PT Mandala Airlines to immediately increase the number of its aircraft until the end of 2011. If not, the airline is threatened liquidated or degraded into charter airline in early 2012.

Director General of Civil Aviation Herry Bakti S Gumay reminded Act No. 1 / 2009 about Aviation, requires that all scheduled airline company has to operate a minimum of ten aircraft began in 2012. Five of the aircraft must be owned status, and other five aircraft may rent.

According to Herry many of Mandala Airlines planes has returned to the lessor  as the company policy. "The aircraft rental rates once considered too expensive, so Mandala Airlines looks for a new lessor. Currently Mandala only operate five units planes and all its are rental," said Herry. The five aircraft operated by Mandala Airlines are Airbus A320s and A319s. Herry added that if Mandala Airlines can not buy five planes more until the end of 2011, they must merge with another airline or turned into charter airline.

On June 21, Mandala Airlines has launched Online Fly’n Shop and  Diono Nurjadin – President Director of Mandala Airlines-  mention until the end of this year they will operate ten aircrafts. Currently Mandala Airlines has order 25 of Airbus A320s which will arrival based on the company needs. "Indeed for time being all of our aircraft are lease. But until the end of 2011, we will comply with a minimum of five owned aircraft and five chartered planes," said Diono.

Mandala Airlines has open many new international routes. For instance, on June 25, the airline serving the route from Jakarta to Singapore and Balikpapan to Singapore using Airbus A320 aircraft with a capacity of 180 seats. Followed by opening a route from Jakarta to Hong Kong on July 19, 2010 and from Jakarta to Macau in July 21, 2010 using an Airbus A319 with 144 seats capacity.

This year the target of Mandala Airlines can transport of 4 million passengers. Rose by 500,000 passengers compared to the realization of 3.5 million passengers last year.