Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mandala Airlines ads on Changi Airport

To improve the awareness, one of Indonesian airlines, Mandala Airlines has chosen the airport advertising company Eye to assist promote their brand at the Singapore Changi Airport.

This ad is scheduled to begin broadcasting from 30 August 2010 until the end of November 2010. According to the Eye they also are negotiating the possibility of long-term advertising contracts with Mandala Airlines. This advertisings are designed to aim passengers during high season and was publicised about Mandala Airlines direct flights to Jakarta and Balikpapan.

"Ads are displayed by Eye is Mandala Airlines as an airline that is consistent with the target audience. And in our opinion, is there a better way to promote the profile of the airlines to the tourist other than by advertising at the airport?" said Junice Liew, head of marketing, Eye Singapore. "The Mandala Airlines has selected the Eye as one excellent example for a strong marketing strategy and combined with strategic product placement to reach the right audience sets in their environment and travel industry”.

Adrian Hamilton-Manns, CEO of Mandala Airlines, added: "Partnering with Eye allows us to tell everyone that there is a new airline from Indonesia that offers low fares and great value. We do this by advertising in the airport. Since the ad publicised, then we examined a significant growth in demand through our website”.