Friday, October 8, 2010

Garuda Indonesia: Osaka-Denpasar 7 times a week

Garuda Indonesia

To meet increasing market demand and in terms of improving service to their customer, starting on Thursday (07/10/2010), Garuda Indonesia has added frequencies of Osaka-Denpasar flight route (return) from the previous 5 times a week to 7 times a week.

Garuda Indonesia flights Denpasar-Osaka scheduled every day, departure from Denpasar (GA 882) at 0:55 pm and arrives in Osaka at 08.30 local time.

The plane departed again from Osaka (GA 883) at 11.00 local time and arriving in Denpasar at 17:15 pm. This flight using Airbus A330-300 aircraft with 257 seat capacity of 42 business-class and 215 economy class.

"The addition of Denpasar-Osaka flight frequency from five times to seven times a week is a Garuda Indonesia effort to meet the increasing of market demand as the continued growth of traffic between the two cities and to provide convenience for customer," said Garuda Indonesia VP Corporate Communications.

Osaka-Denpasar equipped by Garuda Indonesia Experience service, a unique service that combines the uniqueness of Indonesia in all flight services, from pre service, in, and post-flight.

In this flight, passengers will be served by cabin crew from Japan who is ready to assist the passengers in the ease of communication or need assistance during the flight.

In addition, the airline also offers on-board the Immigration Service. Through this service, passengers can comfortably managing the immigration document granting a visa on arrival on the plane so that the passengers do not need to queue at the immigration desk on arrival.

Today, besides serving the Osaka-Denpasar flight route, Garuda Indonesia also serve other cities in Japan, the Nagoya-Denpasar, 3 times a week, Tokyo-Denpasar 7 times a week, and Tokyo-Jakarta 7 times a week.