Saturday, October 23, 2010

Indonesian Exports increase 9.76 per cent


The Indonesian exports increase 9.76 per cent in August 2010 with value reached US$ 13.71 billion, compare to the exports in July 2010. If compared to exports on August 2009 is increasing of 29.99 percent.

Non-oil/non-gas exports on August 2010 has reached US$ 11.77 billion, rose 10.94 percent compared to July 2010, whereas compared to August 2009 exports increased by 32.35 percent.

The cumulative value of Indonesian exports from January to August 2010 reached US$ 98.71 billion, an increase 40.42 percent over the same period in 2009, while non-oil exports reach US$ 81.73 billion, an increase of 36.25 percent.
The largest increasing of non-oil exports in August 2010 is coming from animal fats & oils / vegetable at US$ 1.1 billion, while the largest decline occurred in the ore, scale, and ash for metals at US$ 80.0 million.

Non-oil exports to Japan in August 2010 is the largest number of US$ 1.40 billion, followed by China US$ 1.24 billion and the United States US$ 1.14 billion, with the contribution of all three reached 32.17 percent. While exports to the European Union (27 countries) around US$ 1.62 billion.

By sector, industrial product exports from January-August 2010 rose by 34.66 percent compared to same period of 2009, as well as exports of agricultural products rose 15.84 percent and exports other mining products rose 47.35 percent.

Source: Indonesia Central Statistics Agency (BPS) /