Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Emirates & V Australia announce the code share agreement


Emirates, the airline based in Dubai, and V Australia, a new international airline owned by Virgin Blue Group announces agreement to code share route Trans-Tasman flights effective October 25, 2009. This code share agreements is the first for Emirates Airlines with Australia airlines to show the signify initiatives signify commitment of the Emirates on Australian territory. It also confirms the Emirates as a first code share partner of V Australia.

This new agreement will provide easy connections for passengers V Australia while traveling between New Zealand and the United States. Passengers can travel on the Trans-Tasman sector using the Emirates service which has won awards and conveniently connected to / from international service V Australia between Sydney and Los Angeles.

Emirates flight, EK419 arrived from Christchurch in Sydney at 06:20 local time, or EK 413 arrived from Auckland at 08:05 local time with a smoothly connected through the service V Australia to Los Angeles, VA1, at 09:05 local time. The flight back to New Zealand has the same comfort level. Passengers landed in Sydney at 6:05 AM local time with VA2 from Los Angeles, they can stretch my legs a bit before continuing with the flight EK412 at 8:50 AM local time to Auckland or with EK418 at 10:15 AM local time to Christchurch. Tourists can enjoy a stopover in Sydney, before continuing their journey to the Emirates or V Australia.

V Australia will market the seats are allocated based on the code share agreement. Code share flights will be identified with the code 'EK' owned Emirates and also with the code 'VA' V's Australia. Currently, Emirates also has code share agreements with Air India, Air Malta, Air Mauritius, Continental Airlines, Japan Airlines, Jet Airways, Korean Airlines, Oman Air, Philippine Airlines, Royal Air Maroc, South African Airways and Thai Airways.

Picture: dxportal.com