Friday, October 2, 2009

Indonesia export reach US$ 10 billion in August 2009

Value of Indonesia export soaring in August 2009 reached 10.55 billion U.S. dollars, or 8.89 percent increase compared to last month. Conversely when compared to August last year fell 15.41 percent. "Export in August was the first time through the 10 billion dollars since January," said Head of the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) Rusman Heriawan, in his office, Thursday (1 / 10).

Rusman detailing, non-oil exports in August 2009 reached 8.91 billion U.S. dollars, or up 8.76 percent compared to July 2009. While in the same period last year fell 6.28 percent. A cumulative value of exports from January to August 2009 reached 70.3 billion U.S. dollars, or 26.3 percent down compared to the same period last year.

While non-oil exports reached 60.01 billion U.S. dollars, or down 18.31 percent. Improving the largest non-oil exports in August 2009 occurred in fats and oils of animal or vegetable 699.9 million U.S. dollars, while the largest decline occurred in ore, crust, and the gray metal of 235.9 million U.S. dollars.

Non-oil exports to Japan this August to reach the largest number of US$ 1.05 billion, followed to USA by US$ 930.7 million and China US$ 792.2 million with the contribution of all three reached 31.07 percent. As for exports to the European Union (27 countries) for 1.35 billion U.S. dollars. According to the sector, exports of industrial products the period January-August 2009 fell by 24.9 percent over the same period last year. Similarly, exports of agricultural products declined 9.77 percent. In contrast, exports and other mining products rose by 21.42 percent.