Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sky Aviation purchase of 10 FOKKER 50 aircrafts


In the year 2011, PT Sky Aviation airline is targeting to purchase of 10 Fokker 50 aircraft types. Commissioner Joseph Ardhi told Sky Aviation Fokker 50 was chosen because, besides match with the runway network, also proven safe and reliable.

Five of the ten Fokker aircraft with a capacity of 50 seats it had ascertained realized. Three units from five aircraft will be sent in early February to serve remote areas in Sumatra and Banyuwangi. While the other two units will arrive in June.

By opening of the short routes, according to Sky Aviation Marketing Manager Sutito Zainuddin, travel time will be shortened. Compared to sea transport, which took two-three days, Fokker only takes 45 minutes.

Early last year, new Sky Aviation management has scheduled a regional route from Surabaya – Banyuwangi - Denpasar with a Cessna Grand Caravan aircraft. Besides that, Sky Aviation also provide aircraft charter service for excursions in the area of eastern Indonesia, such as the island of Komodo, Ende, and Sumbawa, with two Cirrus aircraft types.

The Fokker 50 will serve Banyuwangi - Surabaya, Banyuwangi - Denpasar, and Banyuwangi – East/West Nusa Tenggara routes, which will accommodate the growth of the national energy sector. Meanwhile, the Grand Caravan will open a new route Banyuwangi - Sumenep and Bawean.

For aircraft maintenance, Sky Aviation took Fokker Services Asia based in Singapore. This company has been working with other airlines in Indonesia, such as the Indonesian Air Force, the Indonesian Police, Merpati Airlines, Pelita Airlines, and Trans Nusa Airlines and Riau Airlines.

Director Air Transport Directorate General of Civil Aviation Ministry of Transportation, Edward A. Silooy, told Sky Aviation has been qualified to operate air transport aircraft through a small airfield. "This foresight businessman working on areas that have not been touched," he said.

Vice Governor of East Java Saifullah Yusuf welcomed the entry of Sky Aviation airlines in flight path of East Java because it would boost the growth of tourism industry.