Friday, January 7, 2011

2011, targeted Coffee Exports Increase 5%


Ministry of Trade, Republic of Indonesia is targeting for increasing the coffee export by five percent this year. International prices predicted relatively well this year.

Coffee production for this year is estimated to increase to 570 thousand tons from 540 thousand tons in 2010. "In addition, market penetration into China as well as new markets improved," said Trade Minister Mari Elka Pangestu, the Ministry of Trade, Jakarta, Wednesday (05/01/2011).

Furthermore, Mari said, it also targets exports of footwear increased by 20 percent next year. Because the development of non-traditional markets, especially in Central Asia and Eastern Europe namely Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan has begun to recover. In addition, the increase in exports was also motivated by the commencement of production by some manufacturers who do relocate to Indonesia and also lower costs for state employees compared to competitors.

Mari explain, automobile exports is also targeted to increase 10 percent this year. It would improve the promotion and expansion of automotive export markets to the FTA partner countries and other countries. "Meanwhile, increased investment in this sector is also increasingly driven," says Mari.

As for the export of crude palm oil sector, said Mari, also targeted to increase by 16 percent this year. The reason, she said, in addition to the primary purpose of export markets namely China, European Union, and India, several other markets in the Middle East and Eastern Europe are also considered to potentially large.