Friday, December 10, 2010

Indonesia EXPORTS increase by 21.9% in 2010

In 2010, Indonesia's exports increase 21.9% to U.S.$ 142.53 billion compared to the year 2009. Non-oil commodities such as mining, manufacturing and agriculture to support the growth of exports by value reached U.S.$ 122.68 billion.

The largest contribution of the export is from mining sector at 41.9%. Manufactured products 34.1% and the rest is from agricultural commodities. Meanwhile, exports of oil and gas sector contributed aroudn U.S.$ 22.95 billion, up 15.61% from the year 2009 valued at U.S. 19.85 billion.

Meanwhile the largest non-oil export destination country is still gained from ASEAN countries amounting to 21.3%. For non-oil exports to EU countries by 13%, Japan 12.7%, China 12.2% and USA 10.6%. While the contribution of exports to Korea only 5.5%.

"Export growth continues to increase because many countries in the world think Indonesia has a good quality of commodities," said Gusmardi Bustami International Trade Director General of Ministry of Commerce.